Piet Mondrian's paintings have always been important for me and I always sighed when I saw them. Rembrandt and Mondrian are the best! Art and fashion have a lot in common with each other and today's styling is the best example of that. Styling combines two countries: the Netherlands and France, as you'll see in a moment.
There are many white, red and blue colours. Undoubtedly, the most important in this set is asymmetrical, geometric shirt with nice name "French Revolution" . When I first saw this shirt I thought about pictures of Mondrian and wonderful Paris. I was sure that the result of this combination would be perfect!

I think that styling is so classic that it is not only for a walk on the Champs- Élysées , but also to the theater or to work. The only extravagant accents are mirror glasses which make my styling more like a futuristic story. I gave up any accesories because it might have been too heavy and distract attention from strong colors combined with white.
Here, the most important is the form and geometry as in the Mondrian's paintings.

It is a myth that white color adds kilograms for everyone and white clothes could be chosen in styling for special moments. Nothing can possibly go wrong! Just be aware of proportions. Do not follow stereotypes, listen to the voice of your heart and choose colors, in which you feel confident and good.



My sweethearts 
This is another Christmas which I am spending with you, my Dears. At the beginning I would like to sincerely thank you for all your support for me in what I do. Thank you for all the kind words which you have sent me today on fan page, e-mail and also during ours meetings on the street ( where I'm just as embarrassed as you:) ).

Christmas is a magical time. For some people, it's a form of satisfing their stomach with delicious food, for the others a form of relaxation and for most people this is time which we realize that we can rely on each other in any situation. We meet up with family and friends . We have a lot of time to laugh while drinking coffee , eating cake and browsing albums with old photo . Personally, I appreciate that Christmas is a peaceful heaven, a kind of pause , in which all our worries , daily responsibilities disappear for a while. The most important is our dear family , mutual love and warmth of hearth and home .

I would like to wish you a peaceful Christmas. Laugh , have fun and show love yourself in all possible ways :) It would be wonderful if the period of Christmas was for you reflex, so you can think about your life, goals, dreams which you pursue. Be good to the others, because it comes back with double the force. First of all, you must be yourself and you can not change because your close friends and family love you for it , how you are.

Of course, each Christmas needs to be fashionable. You should remember that red accents in your stylings will warm your hearts, certainly. I let you to comfortable slippers , but only in Christmas designs. Above all, you must be smilling because a smile never goes out of fashion.



Buying gifts for beloved ones is very troublesome. It's because sometimes it is so difficult to choose rightly. Personally, I think that you do not need to spend a fortune for some original gifts, sometimes it is about your creativity and creating something unique, from the heart. However,  many people are living their lives with very fast pace, with a huge amount of responsibility, so they do not always have the time for searching for the gifts. By no means, I myself is one of them :) So I decided to write a post with suggestions of gifts that you may be interested in somehow. I hope to move your imagination. This is the last call for buying gifts for your beloved ones! Dear guys, the Christmas is coming!!!

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