I love the turquoise color! Perhaps this is due to the fact that sometimes I like to daydream, while looking at the blue sky, I adore the color of the seas, and perhaps because I used to be a big fan of the Smurfs in my childhood. This time I put on a turquoise total look! This color has dominated most of the collections of many international designers for Autumn/Winter 2013: Gucci, Oscar de la Renta, Proenza Schouler ... Maybe finally Polish winter will become more colorful and infused with an optimism!
For the first time, my styling started from the shoes I’ve chosen Puma’s sports shoes that are not only colorful, but also very comfortable - perfect for a daily marathon in the city. Fitted pants were matched with an oversize jacket that I bought recently in the second-hand and which reminds me of the street fashion of the late 80's and 90's. For the whole styling I’ve chosen also a turquoise toque, which holds a special place in my collection of hats in my wardrobe. And finally – the turquoise icing on the turquoise cake – azure sun-glasses from Brylove.
However, I couldn’t have missed the counter element – orange stripe on the shoes somehow forced me to add orange socks and clutch, as well as the necklace, which makes me want to scream ‘OMG!’:) Orange elements caused, that the outfit is not too monochromatic, nor boring.



Since my childhood I’ve always dreamed about a moment to feel like the ruler of skyscrapers. I always wanted to see Warsaw from different perspective, a more subtle and light. Today, my dream came true and the process was speeded up by my participation in the competition organized by the Puma. Theme of the competition is: "My city swing in the clouds", and it includes two mine interpretations by creating two outfits. That is why I chose Warsaw skyscrapers and clouds which are ‘hugging’ them! I put on a mixture of three styles: sporty, grunge and rock elements. You know that I love to combine styles, so in this case it could not remain different :D I’ve decided to stick some spikes to Puma’s sport shoes, what made them look grunge and heavy. Furthermore shoes since today may serve me as a tool to defend myself during the night! For this I’ve chose black pants with shimmering materials that are extremely comfortable - I love to use them for everyday styling. When it comes to the top - I put on a harness and ... tattoos. You know that I'm a big fan of ink under the skin, which is why I gave up t-shirt, so you can see it. Additionally - my irreplaceable leather jacket from French designer, which I’ve hunted on sale at an incredibly reasonable price! The head is covered in crystals, and stones…. And of course, I could not miss the sunglasses - as they say, "styling a la Karl (Lagerfeld)"!



Some time ago I mentioned to you that I was persistently working on a project that’s effect you could already see at the last edition of Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland. Company Pixbook chose me as the only Polish blogger, for whom they made a professional album resuming blog’s creativeness. We worked with a few people who enormously contributed to the final result, which is astounding! I love this album- its’ high-quality paper, glittering font and its extremely large size so that it does not fit in my bag. It is also great that everyone reviewing this album can immediately see the post with that styling using the QR code. I am happy that the company has done for me, an album that is a collection of the most interesting of my styling and of what I have achieved so far on the blog. I was really touched when this "small" miracle ended up in my hands, because it's the perfect gift for my arrival at Fashion Week Poland in Łódź. Finally, I wish to thank all of its photographers, so that my pictures on blog have a soul and captured my colors ^^ Thank to all the fans and readers, because without you "Fashionable Innovations" does not exist! And thank you M for everything! <3
Below you can see selected pages of a photo album of different styling. The album is on sale, but more about that soon! Stay tuned!

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