I love military style. On the one hand, I like to be a colorful bird, but on the other – officer’s style goes perfectly with taste. High boots, leather, perfectly exposed silhouette! Masculine, erotic and a little bit perverse, but still does not cross the border. A bit in the style of Lady Gaga and her Alejandro.

Today I am going to present to you an outfit, which I have chosen at the last day of polish Fashion Week. This time the choice fell on the world's most wonderful coat from the young designer-Kamil Sobczyk, who could have been seen in the latest Fashion Week Poland. This plastic coat is so perfect that it must have been chosen for last day of fashion shows. I have matched it with high boots reaching the knee, black trousers and a metallic t-shirt (similar to those from Burberry).

It is known that all the outfits need to be complemented with accessories: D That is why I put on a strong piece of jewelry. I have chosen a leather strap with a real bullets, which was made by Karolina Kajca. I think that thanks to that belt the silhouette looks better. It could not of course go without a hat on my head, and therefore I have chosen a black cap with metalic accents, which perfectly mirrored with glasses from Brylove. And finally metal snake and a bracelet from Project Zoa protected my greenish clutch, in which I had very important soldiers files! ^^



8th edition of the Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week has finished. Excitement wore off, and after re-reading my notes once again (from my notebook form Moleskine) I can objectively look at the collections, which were shown. I am going to present designers, who made the biggest impressions on me, which have caused shivers on my back and that could represent Poland outside its’ boarders.

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