Piet Mondrian's paintings have always been important for me and I always sighed when I saw them. Rembrandt and Mondrian are the best! Art and fashion have a lot in common with each other and today's styling is the best example of that. Styling combines two countries: the Netherlands and France, as you'll see in a moment.
There are many white, red and blue colours. Undoubtedly, the most important in this set is asymmetrical, geometric shirt with nice name "French Revolution" . When I first saw this shirt I thought about pictures of Mondrian and wonderful Paris. I was sure that the result of this combination would be perfect!

I think that styling is so classic that it is not only for a walk on the Champs- Élysées , but also to the theater or to work. The only extravagant accents are mirror glasses which make my styling more like a futuristic story. I gave up any accesories because it might have been too heavy and distract attention from strong colors combined with white.
Here, the most important is the form and geometry as in the Mondrian's paintings.

It is a myth that white color adds kilograms for everyone and white clothes could be chosen in styling for special moments. Nothing can possibly go wrong! Just be aware of proportions. Do not follow stereotypes, listen to the voice of your heart and choose colors, in which you feel confident and good.



My sweethearts 
This is another Christmas which I am spending with you, my Dears. At the beginning I would like to sincerely thank you for all your support for me in what I do. Thank you for all the kind words which you have sent me today on fan page, e-mail and also during ours meetings on the street ( where I'm just as embarrassed as you:) ).

Christmas is a magical time. For some people, it's a form of satisfing their stomach with delicious food, for the others a form of relaxation and for most people this is time which we realize that we can rely on each other in any situation. We meet up with family and friends . We have a lot of time to laugh while drinking coffee , eating cake and browsing albums with old photo . Personally, I appreciate that Christmas is a peaceful heaven, a kind of pause , in which all our worries , daily responsibilities disappear for a while. The most important is our dear family , mutual love and warmth of hearth and home .

I would like to wish you a peaceful Christmas. Laugh , have fun and show love yourself in all possible ways :) It would be wonderful if the period of Christmas was for you reflex, so you can think about your life, goals, dreams which you pursue. Be good to the others, because it comes back with double the force. First of all, you must be yourself and you can not change because your close friends and family love you for it , how you are.

Of course, each Christmas needs to be fashionable. You should remember that red accents in your stylings will warm your hearts, certainly. I let you to comfortable slippers , but only in Christmas designs. Above all, you must be smilling because a smile never goes out of fashion.



Buying gifts for beloved ones is very troublesome. It's because sometimes it is so difficult to choose rightly. Personally, I think that you do not need to spend a fortune for some original gifts, sometimes it is about your creativity and creating something unique, from the heart. However,  many people are living their lives with very fast pace, with a huge amount of responsibility, so they do not always have the time for searching for the gifts. By no means, I myself is one of them :) So I decided to write a post with suggestions of gifts that you may be interested in somehow. I hope to move your imagination. This is the last call for buying gifts for your beloved ones! Dear guys, the Christmas is coming!!!



Wonderful Paris, the sun, the smell of coffee, croissants and people, who talk with their friends in the charming cafes. This is a morning in Paris. I fell in love with Paris! Seriously! This is true that Paris is one of the most important fashion capital, but I love most atmosphere created by the smell of coffee in cafes in the narrow streets and by Parisians themselves. My attention was drawn naturally by beautiful woman and awesome male perfume. This is very intriguing. Parisians are perfectionist so they love aesthetic stylings. French fashion is simple, but not boring. A young generation brings a lot of extravagance and colors to the street fashion, so I did not feel lika a stranger.
At the breakfast in the cosy  restaurant La Petite Rotonde I chose uncomplicated styling. Of course, it could not miss the color and stronger print of material.That's why I mixed lemon pants with green jacket in print of leaves. Floral accents were very much encouraged by the Fashion Department in the previous season.
I put on a jacket on bare chest, I wanted this styling to be very casual and nonchalant so I gave up with shirt. In the end this is a Parisian fashion :) But I chose a classic leather loafers with tassels and one of the most favorite hats by me in coffee color .Green sunglasses with wide frames are similar to very popular Lanvin sunglasses and it looks perfectly with colors of blazer. Thanks to my practical and beautiful bag from Polish designer Mariusz Przybylski, I could also hide my favorite croissants! :)
My styling is very simple, but only in the form. Juicy colors and prints do not allow her to die in the crowd, that is the way I like!



I got invited to Rzeszów the other day to explore the city and promote my blog in the Podkarpackie region. The city itself surprised me no end. I did not expect it to appeal to me so much. I had the pleasure of seeing the owner of Atelier Wizaż. We'll start working on our common projects January next year. Then, I went to see the Salon 'Imresja' – a network of the most popular bridal salons in the Podkarpackie. Anytime soon, I'll be happy to support brides in their before-wedding dilemmas. I'll also have a great opportunity to teach a variety of courses, trainings and workshops. Enjoy the video! :)

* * * * * * * * * *

Jakiś czas temu, zostałem zaproszony do Rzeszowa, na zwiedzanie miasta i promowanie mojego bloga na Podkarpaciu. Samo miasto bardzo mnie pozytywnie zaskoczyło – nie sądziłem, że tak bardzo je polubię. Miałem przyjemność spotkać się z właścicielem Atelier Wizażu, z którym od stycznia nawiążę współpracę. Odwiedziłem także Salon 'Impresja' – sieć najpopularniejszych salonów z modą ślubną na Podkarpaciu. Już niedługo będę wspierać Panny Młode w swoich przedślubnych problemach. Będę również prowadził kursy, szkolenia, czy warsztaty, to tylko część mojej przyszłej działalności. Zapraszam do obejrzenia filmiku! :)



Kto z nas nie marzył o beztroskim wydawaniu tysięcy złotych na ubrania? Sam niejednokrotnie zastanawiałem się "co by było gdyby..."
Jak wiadomo, marzenia się spełniają, ale trzeba im trochę pomóc. Jeżeli marzycie o rewolucji w szafie, ogromnych zakupach i jesteście gotowi wykazać się kreatywnością, koniecznie musicie spróbować swoich sił w konkursie Siemens Fresh Look. 



Some time ago, I have had an opportunity to prepare an outfits for an amazing photo session with one of the TOP male faces in Polish modeling - Michał Sadowski (agency 'United for models'). The conducting theme was futurism, so the style in which I personally find myself perfectly. Photos were taken by Jacek Rękas - photographer, with an awesome sense of creativity. The session had appeared in the Catwalk Magazine, where you could have seen an interview with me (HERE). I like styling for photo shoots, and I loved it so much during my internship at the Elle magazine. I would like to be able to continue to grow in this regard, in particular, it gives me a great satisfaction and fulfillment. Is there anything more what one can reach while working?



Mariusz Przybylski in his last collection have showed that he can – that he can create a classic extravagant, a collection of street-style, full of nonchalance and clothes, that more Poles can afford. Fashion show took place at the New Theatre in Warsaw and the collection was called "Cold Love", but despite its name, aesthetic experience was hot. Undoubtedly, that place perfectly suited to the show, the nature and mystery of the collection. I really like Mariusz Przybylski’s fashion shows because the production of shows are not exaggerated, so the recipient can focus on the collection only. Nevertheless, his fashion shows are always fabulous, sometimes dynamic, sometimes more reflective. It is worth mentioning, that in the collections are getting more and more choices for women. The projects are consistent, thoughtful, and minute by minute arouses the surprise. Colours still remains subdued: designer bases in shades of black, white, gray and color of ink. Collection definitely is aimed to the people who love casual classic elegance, with a touch of defiance sports. The combination of these two styles causes, that all clothes are suitable for wearing, as well as at any time of the day!



Two weeks ago I have been celebrating my birthday. I think, that birthday is one of the most reflective days in a year. At 5th of September, I always sit comofrtably in my armchair and think about my dreams - bigger and smaller ones. My parents have always told me, that our dreams and goals are within a reach. We just need to take appropriate actions to catch them. 
It reminds me of when a year ago I have been dreaming of getting an internship in the departament of fashion in 'Elle' and about walking through the streets of Paris. And as you might know, I have managed to accomplish these goals!

For 4 months I am doing my internship at 'Elle' magazine, and a month ago I had the opportunity to see the French capital by myself. 
These moments had proven to me once again, that dreams might come true... we should try to make them happened. Here comes next year, nex challenges - what will bring the next 12 months of my life?

I know one thing! My 23rd year of life will be crazy and spontaneous, like I am!



I had been thinking about this fashion show for a long time. Even though it’s been already several months ago, I still have many extreme thoughts about the collection and the event. I personally like the designer’s personality and ambitions in following the goals, but I must remain objective, especially while sharing my opinion with you – what I have adored in that show, and what had surprise me negatively. Does the song of outstanding Queen “We are the champions” fully indulged in what we were able to see on the catwalk?

Robert Kupisz fashion show was held in a very unusual location for this type of events - at the sports hall. What's more, I got a nice invitation on which one could read about the dress code - running shoes. I was not surprised with this information, especially that I know, that Robert loves sport shoes. However, not all of the guests wore sports shoes.
As soon as the guests took their seats, everyone looked forward with the excitement for the craft collection, about which it will be loud in the media for its originality. I myself could not wait to see what the designer intended, especially, that I loved previous collections by Robert Kupisz.



Sea, sand and the sun – this is what Sopot is about! I truly love lying on the hot sand, looking at the sky and thinking about my new extravagant stylizations. You can often see me in very colorful, NOT minimalist outfits. As soon as holidays come, I go for comfortable solutions. Patterned pieces of clothing, white color and hats all play the leading role.

This time I had a gray suit on. I really wanted this stylization to be light and fresh just like a carefree holiday. The accessories and clothes that discreetly stick out from the jacket are the only vivid color items here. The suit is mixed with a classic white shirt, on top of which I put another one, this one silk and patterned. It features ropes, compasses and anchors that are all well suited to the climate of the resort! The golden lion protects the two shirts and commands respect just like the golden claw in my ear :D

I’ve been growing fonder and fonder of rings and other finger accessories for some time now. My friends keep laughing at me saying that it is yet another thing associated with Karl Lagerfeld’s style (apart from my obsession with sunglasses). There must be something to it. That said, this stylization features golden rings matching the necklace and the golden frames of the sunglasses. Being consistent in fashion is crucial even when it comes to the smallest details.

The color of the sea clutch bag along with the white and gold jewelry make quite a harmonious duo, too. The navy blue velour moccasin slippers shoes which remind me of a Harry Potter’s story complement the whole outfit. Last but not least, there’s a routinely straw hat and my favorite orange aviator sunglasses.

Dressed like this,  I’d love to escape into the endless expanse of the sea to feel a carefree life, but what would happen to my blog then?

Guys, stay filled with a colorful elation! :*



The last day of Fashion Week Poland was filled with shows that have inspired me the most! Not all the shows, which will be described below, match my style – these clothes were not colorful, nor extravagant. I don't look at the clothing through the prism of my sense of aesthetics - I analyze them in terms inspirations, forms, fabric, quality, how does it fit the body. Below, you will find the latest account of the spring edition of Fashion Week Poland, the trends for upcoming season - autumn / winter 2014! The collection, which felt deeply into my memory was designed by Wiola Wołczyńska. Projects were on the one hand interesting, but on the other - very consistent and a little bit kitschy. I felt in love in the coats designed for women, who want to treat the grunge style in a bit more classic way. The phenomenon of the outer cover is hidden in an unique form, which is more like a tailored suit - a great line of arms, scratched and slightly feminine silhouette. Looks were enhanced by interesting skirt with an asymmetric frill. In the projects by Wiola for autumn / winter 2014 we can also see the inset of black latex, which look a bit cheesy, but on the other hand it goes quite well with a compressed wool. On the catwalk there were presented also quilted jackets, sequined dresses and sweaters. Hats and hair were similar of the style of Sonia Rykiel, what perfectly fit into the style of collection, in which we find grunge, vintage, but also a clean classic modified nonchalant elements. Unfortunately we must see failed project - taffeta dress, which in my opinion did not turn out too hit. However, I will ‘forget’ on this little slip-up and wait for the next collection of Wiola.



I love military style. On the one hand, I like to be a colorful bird, but on the other – officer’s style goes perfectly with taste. High boots, leather, perfectly exposed silhouette! Masculine, erotic and a little bit perverse, but still does not cross the border. A bit in the style of Lady Gaga and her Alejandro.

Today I am going to present to you an outfit, which I have chosen at the last day of polish Fashion Week. This time the choice fell on the world's most wonderful coat from the young designer-Kamil Sobczyk, who could have been seen in the latest Fashion Week Poland. This plastic coat is so perfect that it must have been chosen for last day of fashion shows. I have matched it with high boots reaching the knee, black trousers and a metallic t-shirt (similar to those from Burberry).

It is known that all the outfits need to be complemented with accessories: D That is why I put on a strong piece of jewelry. I have chosen a leather strap with a real bullets, which was made by Karolina Kajca. I think that thanks to that belt the silhouette looks better. It could not of course go without a hat on my head, and therefore I have chosen a black cap with metalic accents, which perfectly mirrored with glasses from Brylove. And finally metal snake and a bracelet from Project Zoa protected my greenish clutch, in which I had very important soldiers files! ^^



8th edition of the Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week has finished. Excitement wore off, and after re-reading my notes once again (from my notebook form Moleskine) I can objectively look at the collections, which were shown. I am going to present designers, who made the biggest impressions on me, which have caused shivers on my back and that could represent Poland outside its’ boarders.



Since a long time I am intrigued by the definitions of 'masculinity' - in those days and times, that term still evoke extreme emotions and cause heated discussions, not only in the fashion industry, but also in general - in everyday life.
Looking stereotypically, men should have unbridled courage, honor and assertiveness. They should be interested in football, fast cars, don’t speak openly about their emotions, and be mentors of their women. And interesting about fashion and design? A real male should be more interested.



I like to break conventions - fashion always has been and will be a great entertainment for me. My today's stying I chose during the second day of Fashion Week Poland – it caused many extreme emotions among the media. Some people did not like it, while others fully appreciated the apparent inspirations. I had a blast, I think that this set was sensational because it has shown my personality, distance, self-confidence and insanity! Personally, I believe that events such as Fashion Week are an amazing opportunity to break your "fear" and do something that you will remember for a long time.
Let's start with turban - in this case, I got inspired by Jean Paul Gautier fashion show where models presented conical turbans on their heads. Since I saw the pictures in the French magazine I knew that I will deal with this issue in the future.
Another point was violet kimono from Thailand, which fits with the broad, gray trousers. Additionally - white shoes on a low wedge from Portuguese Zign company which, despite hard leather, are very comfortable. In this outfit you can easily see the inspirations of Asia. This time I put on the oversize chatacter, which rarely put on a daily basis.
This set is very extravagant so I chose minimalism in accessories. Leather. orange bag and sunglasses from Brylove (which remind me of the shape of Lanvin’s ones), were the only accessories.
Remember! You need to distanced to everything.
And I think that my turban will be used again ... in an advertisement of raspberry ice cream! ^^



Outfits with sweatpants are definitely a rare thing in my case, but I would not be myself if I did not try something new! This time, the color and form of pants won! I mean - pants from Jeremy Scott for Adidas, which are not only comfortable, but also catch the attention.
Today I am going to present to you an outfit, which I wore on the first day of Fashion Week Poland. I have mixed the mentioned trousers, which listed the base of the whole styling, with a classic (in form) pink shirt, so I got less sporty character. And as all know - I love to mix and match different styles and not succumb to the schemes - a color of the shirt perfectly consistent with a prominent pink stripe on the side of the pants.
This time I put on minimalism with accessories. I decided to use the turquoise toque - love this Smurfs’ color, and yellow sunglasses from Brylove, which have created a perfect contrast with hat. Additionally - awesome shoes, colorful and with wings .... Jeremy Scott ‘speaks’ in the same fashion language as I do.
If we have sweatpants and shoes with wings - it's time for the big fashion Olympic show! : D



I love the turquoise color! Perhaps this is due to the fact that sometimes I like to daydream, while looking at the blue sky, I adore the color of the seas, and perhaps because I used to be a big fan of the Smurfs in my childhood. This time I put on a turquoise total look! This color has dominated most of the collections of many international designers for Autumn/Winter 2013: Gucci, Oscar de la Renta, Proenza Schouler ... Maybe finally Polish winter will become more colorful and infused with an optimism!
For the first time, my styling started from the shoes I’ve chosen Puma’s sports shoes that are not only colorful, but also very comfortable - perfect for a daily marathon in the city. Fitted pants were matched with an oversize jacket that I bought recently in the second-hand and which reminds me of the street fashion of the late 80's and 90's. For the whole styling I’ve chosen also a turquoise toque, which holds a special place in my collection of hats in my wardrobe. And finally – the turquoise icing on the turquoise cake – azure sun-glasses from Brylove.
However, I couldn’t have missed the counter element – orange stripe on the shoes somehow forced me to add orange socks and clutch, as well as the necklace, which makes me want to scream ‘OMG!’:) Orange elements caused, that the outfit is not too monochromatic, nor boring.



Since my childhood I’ve always dreamed about a moment to feel like the ruler of skyscrapers. I always wanted to see Warsaw from different perspective, a more subtle and light. Today, my dream came true and the process was speeded up by my participation in the competition organized by the Puma. Theme of the competition is: "My city swing in the clouds", and it includes two mine interpretations by creating two outfits. That is why I chose Warsaw skyscrapers and clouds which are ‘hugging’ them! I put on a mixture of three styles: sporty, grunge and rock elements. You know that I love to combine styles, so in this case it could not remain different :D I’ve decided to stick some spikes to Puma’s sport shoes, what made them look grunge and heavy. Furthermore shoes since today may serve me as a tool to defend myself during the night! For this I’ve chose black pants with shimmering materials that are extremely comfortable - I love to use them for everyday styling. When it comes to the top - I put on a harness and ... tattoos. You know that I'm a big fan of ink under the skin, which is why I gave up t-shirt, so you can see it. Additionally - my irreplaceable leather jacket from French designer, which I’ve hunted on sale at an incredibly reasonable price! The head is covered in crystals, and stones…. And of course, I could not miss the sunglasses - as they say, "styling a la Karl (Lagerfeld)"!



Some time ago I mentioned to you that I was persistently working on a project that’s effect you could already see at the last edition of Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland. Company Pixbook chose me as the only Polish blogger, for whom they made a professional album resuming blog’s creativeness. We worked with a few people who enormously contributed to the final result, which is astounding! I love this album- its’ high-quality paper, glittering font and its extremely large size so that it does not fit in my bag. It is also great that everyone reviewing this album can immediately see the post with that styling using the QR code. I am happy that the company has done for me, an album that is a collection of the most interesting of my styling and of what I have achieved so far on the blog. I was really touched when this "small" miracle ended up in my hands, because it's the perfect gift for my arrival at Fashion Week Poland in Łódź. Finally, I wish to thank all of its photographers, so that my pictures on blog have a soul and captured my colors ^^ Thank to all the fans and readers, because without you "Fashionable Innovations" does not exist! And thank you M for everything! <3
Below you can see selected pages of a photo album of different styling. The album is on sale, but more about that soon! Stay tuned!



Beautiful, sunny Saturday! Sunrays cause, that I want to jump from happiness, especially, because that day I was invited to a breakfast at the excellent hotel in Warsaw - H15, with the creme de la creme of Polish fashion bloggers. I knew that this meeting will not disappoint me and I was not wrong! My admiration of the hotel is not without a reason – the interior made on me a huge impression and the ‘checkered’ hall reminded me of the collection of outstanding Fashion House -Louis Vuitton.
When I entered the room with the best Polish bloggers, who I associated mainly from the Web, I had the feeling that I participate in a session of "fashion parliament". While drinking coffee and eating delicious appetizers, I was waiting for the occurrence of Łukasz Jakóbiak, who had introduced the guests to the program of up-coming Warsaw Fashion Weekend.



Mariusz Przybylski is not only a nice person, but also a brand that reminds me of a sophisticated classic, saturated nonchalance and a kind of extravagance. Last Mariusz Przybylski’s show, which was titled "Pulsar" wowed the guests. After the show, I conducted several talks with designers and people from the media. There was not even a single person who spoke about the show in a negative way. Of course, everyone likes different styles and clothes, however, it can be concluded that the collection of Mariusz Przybylski was truly excellent. In order not to be groundless, I want to take you on a fashion journey - journey for people, who do not like the trivial solutions.



Oscars 2013 are behind us. Once again, we could watch our favorite movie stars on the red carpet. Great ceremony, taste of Oscar- metal statue in hands, tears and positive surprises. However, it is worth to take a look at the creations, which this time were equally excellent, as well as to their possession of a ruthless. Maybe this year it was not so much controversial as the previous ceremony, after which the media roared on Angelina Jolie and her leg. This year's red carpet dresses appeared in a lot of retro, glamour, but there were also those in the shape of letter ‘A’ not necessarily presented themselves very well, in spite of the labels of leading fashion houses. Big applause for the men who presented themselves in almost 100% great! Welcome to my review of Oscar-winning styling.



Courage is my middle name. There is nothing more exiting, than breaking rigidly defined rules. Did anyone ever written somewhere, that a man must wear a shirt and jeans, so that he is a volcano of masculinity? No! The most important in fashion is fun and creativity. That is why I wear what I want, and this is why I am happy and “fashion satisfied”.
Today I put on futurism. However, you can find in the styling a lot of glam rock, a little bit of grunge and classics. The most important thing, is to mix and match different styles, what causes that our stylizations are not copied straightly from total-looks.



Frosty Saturday night. In the dark streets, crowds of young people going for, so called: ” pre-drinks”. And we... ”mysterious people”: me and miss E(…). Like usual, we attract eyes of other pedestrians. "Great hat" - I hear from a group of unknown people. I feel butterflies in my stomach, I'm excited about tonight, which is going to begin soon!! And all is about exhibition of a great young artist, who doesn’t only paint, but also runs on fabulous hair salon, where like he says: “We treat our customers like family members” ... And he has also cool tattoos! Nevertheless, my visit was not because of my admiration of the tattoos, but because of the fascination of this man, who is my inspiration.

Dressed in fur, like a delegation from Russian Vogue, we were going to the living room. For some guests we were the main subject of discussion. Rather, our furs – were they real, or fake? Okay, Joanna Krupa can sleep quietly. Additionally attendance surprised me once again, as on the exhibition last year, where I went with Tamara (which you can see here). After hanging up our heavy furs to the changing room we started our careful observation of the presented canvases on the walls.



I’m waiting for spring!!! Looking around the corner of the streets, in parks, or even in the underground! Honestly, I really do feel it sometimes, especially by seeing people in colorful stylizations. Unfortunately, this is only an illusion. Fortunately, this year Polish winter is less severe and recently we could enjoy temperatures well above zero! On colder days, I like to improve mine mood with warm Latte from Starbucks, which is not enough that it tastes best – after this coffee I am in full force for the next 100 hours! :)

My today's stylization is classic and casual, with subdued colors. However, in my style classic is not boring - it must be a bit extravagant, what goes hand in hand with my dynamic personality! Hence the choice of shirt with gold sequins with blue jeans compiled. A classic in the form, coat with ‘wooden print’, with which you are already familiar, is a project of my favorite designer - Mariusz Przybylski. Perfectly tailored, with a great material adapts perfectly to the body’s shape. It’s just wonder!



Some time ago, I’ve  had the opportunity to see close the spring-summer collection, which is starting to come into the stores H&M. That was the main reason I visited H&M SHOWROOM in Warsaw, where I could bring myself to the one season ahead.

I really need to admit that this colection is very interesting and you can see not only the development of the high street in terms of form, but also the materials. The collection at first time, doesn’t remind the one of the most famous Scandinavian brands. While watching the racks of clothes, I felt like I was seeing  the  Zara’s or Top Shop collection. Seriously!
However, the more you realize the attractiveness of the entire collection ... let's talk about the details



As well we know, the supplements are the most important elements in the creation of specific stylization – sometimes, a detail can greatly enrich our outfit. For me, watches play significant role particularly in every my stylization. And it doesn’t matter if I go for party or just to work. Today, they aren’t only the products which show us the time, but it is a jewellery. I'm a huge fan of Deja vu, where the idea is addressed to individual customers. Mainly I mean design and a wide assortment. The company has existed in the market for 10 years and was founded by German designer Brigitte Gertz-Ziegler.

Nowadays, you can wear watches with sets that have been created by me, which is inspired FASHIONABLE INNOVATIONS style. For me it's a huge honour to move my fantasies fashion to watches for women who like to feel special. Watches you can buy HERE.



The mood before the fashion show was magical and fabulous. Like in the some fairytale. Snow...oh wait! Actually snow-flurry outside, which turned out to be dangerous for my shoes and life, in spite of this, every guest was in good mood. Despite the long delay, we all kept a positive attitude. Everyone was curious, what in this time David is going to present...
When, the darkness came into the hall, suddenly from the nowhere appeared a little reminded of drummers soldiers, and then everyone knew that the subject of fashion show is "The Nutcracker". After some time in the middle of the catwalk started dancing ballerina in the gold box. I thought, "intriguing, surprising, excellently!"



How do you think: Is the polish Winter to long? For me, definitely YES! However, the gloomy mood, around us is perfect opportunity to jump into something colourful, something that gives everyone hope that spring will come sooner :) That's what has  happened this time.
Recently , I found in my
wardrobe cute, pink blouse with  spots. Simply,  I fall in love with this “pink candy” Yes,  don’t be afraid to give the names to your favorite  clothes. When I look at my blouse I just want to eat it! My Sweety! :)  It always improves my mood especially on Wednesdays :D And I do not mean only the pink colour, but mostly short, but significant, sentence in the front of it: - "ON WEDNESDAYS WE WEAR PINK".



Robert Kupisz. R as romantic, K as a creator (conscious spelling mistake). These are just some of the many phrases, with which this designer can be characterized. Nonetheless people believe, that there are no ideals in the real world – he is. I personally think, that Robert is a great hope for Polish fashion market - thanks to which, we can overthrow all the conventions and we will become less “conservative in fashion”.
Since I’ve got the "ground" invitation to the fashion show, with a big headline GELEM, I was sure that it will be an unique spectacle. I was right! Robert once again surprised me with his show and, to be honest, I’ve started to think about whether I will ever be able to describe his subsequent collections negatively. It's probably unrealistic. Why? You'll find yourself after seeing photos and reading this post.
The whole show was alluded to the culture of the Gypsies culture. As usual, everything was perfectly organized!

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