Finally this day has came. New Year's Eve! In a few hours the New Year. New plans, new goals, dreams, new challenges For me, the current year has been very successful, privately and professionally. I am glad that my “fashion child” - FASHIONABLE INNOVATIONS is growing up and has more addresses from the whole globe. In The New Year Im gonna make a lot of changes and realise my plans for better future, which improve the blog. I would like it to be even more international. Moreover I want to start the 2013 with a few new projects, so keep your fingers because Your support is very significant.

I would like to wish you all the best in the New Year! So, never gave up your dreams and dont be afraid to take a challenges. Be outgoing, love life and be warm to each other. Remember that in life everything is possible and you should have a high aspirations!

Well.... today, I chose extravagant style. The most important point of this stylization is fur, of course not reall, which I really love, and I feel like a Russian millionaire, haha :-)Black pants mixed with a white shirt to a tuxedo with gold sequins on the front. I like this shirt very much and I found a special place in my wardrobe. My hat is inspired by Statue of Liberty and leather gloves are made by me, what makes me really proud. However, the gold snaps perfectly complements with sequins on the shirt. Consider my opportunities, this stilization is very toned down. Nevertheless, the dark does not have to be boring, at least not in my case.



I love hats. In general, I really like the hats that can perfectly add something up to all stylizations. Without accessories like hats and sunglasses I can not imagine my wardrobe. For today I chose British styling hat, which tied a silk scarf pattern resembling scarf of Hermes :) After just one styling experiment it immediately took a more interesting look.

Today's stylization is very classic, but a classic in my verison has to be colorful! Another option is that it is not :D That is why I chose the gold and bronze. Gold pants are combined with chocolate jacket with gold buttons. Boots are classic too-I put this together on loafers with tassels. Accessories are also a classic leather bracelet and watch.

Some minor details matter. Now I mean a very juicy yellow shirt, canary socks and a leather clutch. I never thought that the combination of yellow with chocolate would create such a successful composition of colors. Although I remember how my costumer teacher, who used to teach me, always stressed that the combination of these two colors will always be perfect. She was right! :D The shirt drew a braces, which added a little nonchalant element to the whole. Besides glasses with wings, which can not only fly, but also look good and I often choose them for everyday stylizations.



Dear Everyone! Christmas has came, the perfect time to spend time with family, the beloved oneswho we (too) often neglect being overwhelmed by our work and duties! I would like to wish you thet you may spend these holidays in peace and harmony! To feel love and happiness your family :) You should rested, watch TV with parents, laugh and have fun! Do not forget to taste of all things, which you can find on the table ... do not worry about getting fat! Finally, there is such a profession as a seamstress, haha! Have a wonderful, joyful Christmas! :)

Today I would like to share with you photos from New York, which is my love and dream. I hope that soon the time will come when I will be greeting you from Manhattan,meeting Anja Rubik and strolling in Central Park will be a routine :D

Well... what gift did you get from Santa? I got awesome gifts and I’m very satisfied :)



Recently I was invited to the studio o2, in which I was interviewed. Once again, I felt great because I was able to comment on the topics and issues that interest me ... of course related to my blog and fashion. I love interviews! I could spend all day with journalists... I like the spontaneity and surprising questions, which I am forced to answer in a few seconds! And as you know, I love conceiving in extreme situations So cordially invite you to view the interview divided into 2 parts. I hope you will learn something new about me. ENJOY!



My last outfit on the Fashion Week Poland was also very special! And all this thanks to awesome coat with the specific jars from Mariusz Przybylski collection! This is probably the first coat on my shoulders, which not only looks great, it also is made of good material and is perfectly tailored! Printed jacket was contrasted with ocean sprint and waterfall on pants. The pants designed by Kamil Sobczyk especially captivated me with its originality. For a long time I was looking for pants that are not jeans or another copy from Zara. These are ideal and are good for me. In addition, their color and precision of <3 Turquoise shirt fit perfectly in the maritime climate pants :D As always, I put on the classic accessories, I chose the shoes of a typical English pattern, chocolate hat with feathers, briefcase in Indian paisley patterns. The next point - sunglasses, with which Polish streets are not gray. The whole styling became complemented with a leather collar studded with spikes, leather gloves created an aesthetic unity. As the last addition to that I decided to watch a classic, which unfortunately will confirm my belief that the next edition of Fashion Week Poland is coming to an end. But I like this watch :) I like very much this stylization because now I know that turquoise color combined with chocolate is a good choice, a combination of different, seemingly no pattern matching does not have to be a fashion spil-up :)



After Saturday's day at Fashion Week Poland I’ve lost my strength a little bit - mere participation at shows until 11 pm was not light occupation. Nonetheless, I really wanted to see as many shows as it was possible, and to share my impressions with you! Sunday's busy fashion day passed very quietly, but simultaneously sadly - there were already last shows and a pity to leave. On the other hand, again, during this edition met great people, saw great shows and was imbued with a million inspirations, which I probably will include to my stylizations. I am glad that the Polish fashion market is rapidly growing and that such events arise - that do not allow us to be worse than the other capitals of fashion. There is still a lot of work ahead of us, but the potential is significant.



As I mentioned, my second day at Fashion Week Poland was very cold! However, some people argued that this winter, I pulled into the country because of my styling. I think it's quite possible: D Why? That day, I put on outfit a la Tsarist Russian officer and the prevailing weather outside the window created the perfect background. Saturday day was special to me, because this was the first time I wear a coat that is my project both in form and in details. Coffee and olive-colored coat, in the last creative process was decorated with gold studded spikes. I have achieved a perfect result, because I have created something, what I was looking for a long time! You all should try to believe in your creativity and patience, don’t sleep for a few nights, and feel great satisfaction with your result :D Besides the jacket, another part of the nature of the styling was a cap, for which anyone on the street was shocked. It's a funny feeling when someone loses senses and wonder if I am a real officer, or if it's just a funny fashion statement. Yes, I was asked question like this ... if you only saw the face of this elderly lady :D But this time I put on the 3 elements which are mutually juxtaposed, and created some kind of “competition”. Of course, Anna Dello Russo for H&M glasses, which, despite its weight (caused by a golden chain) are my number 1 when it comes to collection of my glasses. I have also chosen a purple shirt and gold pants. Thanks to heavy shoes, my styling has gained some ground, but to a greater extent, we are dealing with the military style! Accessorizes this time were golden jewelry and earrings in the shape of wolf, and burgundies suede clutch perfectly fiting to the current trends and become the perfect depository for all my top-secret files! ^^

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