Once my teacher of costumes said to me, "Looking at your colorful, elegant stylization I think you'll be once a dandy in Polish fashion industry." More and more I'm to agree with it.
Dandies style is definitely my favourite. My wardrobe is diverse, eclectic, but with extravagance and colors which I identify the most. Then I feel more confident, happier and fulfilled. I feel like myself.

But now you must turn for the secunde to the true nature colorful men. The origins date back to the nineteenth century dandies. Dandyism is not only exaggerated care for the perfect dress and matching colors, but most of all a way of being. Nonchalance, extravagance and elegance in behavior. When other people dressed to live, dandies  live to  dress. Today dandies can be found in different countries. However, the greatest number of inhabited areas of the Congo. Colorful suits, shirts, hats, ties and dress shoes. Hence, my strong interest in street fashion in Africa.

In my today's styling violin plays great, double-breasted jacket. It combines all the most important things. Colors, patterned fabric and splendor. It reminds me a bit of Versace style. It comes from the company's Condom Brothers, whose clothes you can buy in America, Asia, and also in Poland. I listed up with a wide bottom. I chose bells in edge-colored bottle green. I never thought that the bells again be hosted in my closet after 10 years. The golden rule is: "Never say never!" :) I chose awesome and unique bag with a paisley pattern, which could not fail to styling straight real dandy!

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