My dear ones! If you follow my fan page on Facebook you must know that my blog in celebrating its 3rd birthday! Therefore, I present you the outfit, which I think best presents my style. It can be described in three words: colorful, elegant and extravagant.

Recently, I noticed that the interior of my wardrobe has changed a lot. I have more patterned lackets and classic forms of clothing. Of course, juicy color will never disappear, because it is in a sense my second soul. I wear jackets very often, as well as shirts and moccasins. My style became more Italian and Dandy and I hope my friends from southern Europe will be proud of me.

It's hard for me to tell which part of clothing plays the most important role in this set. It's all because of colors and patterns. I mixed pants with Indian pattern - paisley with an equally extravagant jacket by American brand "Condom Brothers". In order to expose beautiful design of jacket and trousers I decided for pastel pink shirt. As a true man of fashion, I had to have a navy blue hat and a naroow tie. To be sincere, I admire my shoes the most. Suede, Lord styled moccasins which I felt in love with form the first sigh, perfectly match the spirit od the entire photoshoot.

Undoubtedly, this styling is for the brave men. Of course, jacket and trousers can be combined with something more subdued. After all, not every guy is as "crazy" as me! But don't forget about the details, such as socks or cuff-links - they ass some ind of sophistication to the whole styling.



Recently, in the Soho Factory in Warsaw there was a fashion show and presentation of the latest collection by Tomasz Olejniczak, better known as Tomaotomo. This was the second show organized in industrial interiors of the building.
I must admit that I waited impatiently for this evening. I've known Tomek for a long time and carefully watched his creativity and development. I am glad that the designer is very ambitious and he develops Tomaotomo brand. He recently opened a boutique in one of the most exclusive places in Warsaw, in the shopping center „Plac Uni”.



We have been able to admire Alexander Wang’s limited collection for the Swedish brand H&M for 1 week now. All kinds of fashion connoisseurs have been waiting for this collection. Well, it's no wonder that I was very excited since as early as April (when Wang announced his cooperation with H&M on his Instagram profile) and couldn't wait to see and buy clothes from his collection. There was of course a reason why my heart had been beating faster than usual. I love this American designer and since he made his debut in 2007, I’ve been watching his collections very carefully. He is 31 years old and is currently the creative director of the Fashion House of Balenciaga. He is a master in combining sports clothes with a sophisticated design. This can well be seen in the limited run collection by Wang for H&M. 

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