Exactly 4 years ago I posted my first styling outfit on my blog. At that time I didn't realise how good that decision was for me. I created a website which positively impacted on my life, increased my confidence levels dramatically and helped me spread my wings career-wise. My blog made me perceive the world and more importantly - fashion more maturely. My style became more thought-through and brave, and nowadays, the way I present myself expresses my personality in 100%.
Thanks to “Fashionable Innovations” I gained acceptance in fashion industry and at the same time I landed myself many work opportunities from designers, advertising companies and private individuals.
I got to work and got to know amazing people which became my friends. My blog is still growing. Currently, I am working on a big project which is particularly significant for me and the outcome of this hard work will be soon available online.



Od kilkudziesięciu lat firma H&M podejmuje współpracę ze znanymi projektantami - twórcami mody wyrafinowanej. Dzięki temu mamy dostęp do świata wielkiej mody, obcując przy tym z projektami najbardziej znanych twórców ostatnich dekad. Pierwszym z nich był Karl Lagerfeld. Limitowana kolekcja sygnowana nazwiskiem wielkiego guru trafiła do sklepów w 2004 roku i od tamtego czasu moda z najwyżej półki na stałe zagościła w sklepach H&M. Przez te kilkanaście lat mogliśmy kupić ubrania od takich projektantów jak: Stella McCartney, Viktor & Rolf, Cavalli, Comme des Garcons, Mathew Williamson, Jimmy Choo, Lanvin, Sonia Rykiel, Versace, Marni, Maison Martin Margiela, Isabel Marant czy Alexander Wang.



I love the summer, and even more glad of the warm autumn, which allows us to forget the coat and low temperatures. So it was a few weeks ago when I spent a weekend in Sopot. I like to visit the Polish sea after the season. Why? Much less people, acceptable queues at restaurants and everything seems so much more relaxing for me. There is nothing better than a leisurely walk along the beach when you can enjoy the sun, the fresh air and your thoughts. So it's amazing.
I was pleased with the fact that I can bring a small suitcase and the last time (after that weekend was below 10 degrees) I could be dressed in the summer clothes, light, pretty... in something which I feel like I was on vacation in Barcelona.
I chose on my favorite set with green patterns. So I think about shirt and shorts, which together look like a wetsuit, but it's only appearances. I love it, that colors that fits ideal with my color of skin.
I could not miss a straw hat, as well as other additives like black, classic shoes, black bag and black belt. A lot of black,black, black color but my secretive plan was to be patterned set was in the foreground! :)
On my hand it appeared a new watch, which I love very much. When it comes to watches and other gadgets for men, I always chose simplicity and elegance. Just that my wardrobe is so colorful, that some people can not recover and need resuscitation :)
Today I reanimates you by rays of the sun, which will certainly help you on cool autumn mornings.

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