Oscars 2013 are behind us. Once again, we could watch our favorite movie stars on the red carpet. Great ceremony, taste of Oscar- metal statue in hands, tears and positive surprises. However, it is worth to take a look at the creations, which this time were equally excellent, as well as to their possession of a ruthless. Maybe this year it was not so much controversial as the previous ceremony, after which the media roared on Angelina Jolie and her leg. This year's red carpet dresses appeared in a lot of retro, glamour, but there were also those in the shape of letter ‘A’ not necessarily presented themselves very well, in spite of the labels of leading fashion houses. Big applause for the men who presented themselves in almost 100% great! Welcome to my review of Oscar-winning styling.



Courage is my middle name. There is nothing more exiting, than breaking rigidly defined rules. Did anyone ever written somewhere, that a man must wear a shirt and jeans, so that he is a volcano of masculinity? No! The most important in fashion is fun and creativity. That is why I wear what I want, and this is why I am happy and “fashion satisfied”.
Today I put on futurism. However, you can find in the styling a lot of glam rock, a little bit of grunge and classics. The most important thing, is to mix and match different styles, what causes that our stylizations are not copied straightly from total-looks.



Frosty Saturday night. In the dark streets, crowds of young people going for, so called: ” pre-drinks”. And we... ”mysterious people”: me and miss E(…). Like usual, we attract eyes of other pedestrians. "Great hat" - I hear from a group of unknown people. I feel butterflies in my stomach, I'm excited about tonight, which is going to begin soon!! And all is about exhibition of a great young artist, who doesn’t only paint, but also runs on fabulous hair salon, where like he says: “We treat our customers like family members” ... And he has also cool tattoos! Nevertheless, my visit was not because of my admiration of the tattoos, but because of the fascination of this man, who is my inspiration.

Dressed in fur, like a delegation from Russian Vogue, we were going to the living room. For some guests we were the main subject of discussion. Rather, our furs – were they real, or fake? Okay, Joanna Krupa can sleep quietly. Additionally attendance surprised me once again, as on the exhibition last year, where I went with Tamara (which you can see here). After hanging up our heavy furs to the changing room we started our careful observation of the presented canvases on the walls.



I’m waiting for spring!!! Looking around the corner of the streets, in parks, or even in the underground! Honestly, I really do feel it sometimes, especially by seeing people in colorful stylizations. Unfortunately, this is only an illusion. Fortunately, this year Polish winter is less severe and recently we could enjoy temperatures well above zero! On colder days, I like to improve mine mood with warm Latte from Starbucks, which is not enough that it tastes best – after this coffee I am in full force for the next 100 hours! :)

My today's stylization is classic and casual, with subdued colors. However, in my style classic is not boring - it must be a bit extravagant, what goes hand in hand with my dynamic personality! Hence the choice of shirt with gold sequins with blue jeans compiled. A classic in the form, coat with ‘wooden print’, with which you are already familiar, is a project of my favorite designer - Mariusz Przybylski. Perfectly tailored, with a great material adapts perfectly to the body’s shape. It’s just wonder!



Some time ago, I’ve  had the opportunity to see close the spring-summer collection, which is starting to come into the stores H&M. That was the main reason I visited H&M SHOWROOM in Warsaw, where I could bring myself to the one season ahead.

I really need to admit that this colection is very interesting and you can see not only the development of the high street in terms of form, but also the materials. The collection at first time, doesn’t remind the one of the most famous Scandinavian brands. While watching the racks of clothes, I felt like I was seeing  the  Zara’s or Top Shop collection. Seriously!
However, the more you realize the attractiveness of the entire collection ... let's talk about the details

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