Today I invite You to see another advertisement for the Allegro company for which I was a costume designer assistant. "What do you search in your dreams" is a wonderful story about friendship, feelings and... dog, which still became the main character of this story :) As in the previous advertising for Allegro, which was also styled with Ina Lekiewicz (you can see it HERE), director Erik van Wyk put on the emotions that are intended to affect the recipient. This is very important aspect because on a TV screen, we happen to watch many meaningless ads. This commercial does not bored me and not only due to the fact that I was part of it :)
On the set of this production there was a bit more work. I had to prepare more stylings and took care of every detail that could not be missed in the dressing room. But the more you work, the more I feel satisfied with its results.
In the next post I will tell you about what the ads shooting is like and the ad from the kitchen (or backstage) and I will tell you some funny secrets accompanying the plan. Stay tuned!
I invite you to watch the ad and I'm curious about your opinions on it :)

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