Finally this day has came. New Year's Eve! In a few hours the New Year. New plans, new goals, dreams, new challenges For me, the current year has been very successful, privately and professionally. I am glad that my “fashion child” - FASHIONABLE INNOVATIONS is growing up and has more addresses from the whole globe. In The New Year Im gonna make a lot of changes and realise my plans for better future, which improve the blog. I would like it to be even more international. Moreover I want to start the 2013 with a few new projects, so keep your fingers because Your support is very significant.

I would like to wish you all the best in the New Year! So, never gave up your dreams and dont be afraid to take a challenges. Be outgoing, love life and be warm to each other. Remember that in life everything is possible and you should have a high aspirations!

Well.... today, I chose extravagant style. The most important point of this stylization is fur, of course not reall, which I really love, and I feel like a Russian millionaire, haha :-)Black pants mixed with a white shirt to a tuxedo with gold sequins on the front. I like this shirt very much and I found a special place in my wardrobe. My hat is inspired by Statue of Liberty and leather gloves are made by me, what makes me really proud. However, the gold snaps perfectly complements with sequins on the shirt. Consider my opportunities, this stilization is very toned down. Nevertheless, the dark does not have to be boring, at least not in my case.



I love hats. In general, I really like the hats that can perfectly add something up to all stylizations. Without accessories like hats and sunglasses I can not imagine my wardrobe. For today I chose British styling hat, which tied a silk scarf pattern resembling scarf of Hermes :) After just one styling experiment it immediately took a more interesting look.

Today's stylization is very classic, but a classic in my verison has to be colorful! Another option is that it is not :D That is why I chose the gold and bronze. Gold pants are combined with chocolate jacket with gold buttons. Boots are classic too-I put this together on loafers with tassels. Accessories are also a classic leather bracelet and watch.

Some minor details matter. Now I mean a very juicy yellow shirt, canary socks and a leather clutch. I never thought that the combination of yellow with chocolate would create such a successful composition of colors. Although I remember how my costumer teacher, who used to teach me, always stressed that the combination of these two colors will always be perfect. She was right! :D The shirt drew a braces, which added a little nonchalant element to the whole. Besides glasses with wings, which can not only fly, but also look good and I often choose them for everyday stylizations.



Dear Everyone! Christmas has came, the perfect time to spend time with family, the beloved oneswho we (too) often neglect being overwhelmed by our work and duties! I would like to wish you thet you may spend these holidays in peace and harmony! To feel love and happiness your family :) You should rested, watch TV with parents, laugh and have fun! Do not forget to taste of all things, which you can find on the table ... do not worry about getting fat! Finally, there is such a profession as a seamstress, haha! Have a wonderful, joyful Christmas! :)

Today I would like to share with you photos from New York, which is my love and dream. I hope that soon the time will come when I will be greeting you from Manhattan,meeting Anja Rubik and strolling in Central Park will be a routine :D

Well... what gift did you get from Santa? I got awesome gifts and I’m very satisfied :)



Recently I was invited to the studio o2, in which I was interviewed. Once again, I felt great because I was able to comment on the topics and issues that interest me ... of course related to my blog and fashion. I love interviews! I could spend all day with journalists... I like the spontaneity and surprising questions, which I am forced to answer in a few seconds! And as you know, I love conceiving in extreme situations So cordially invite you to view the interview divided into 2 parts. I hope you will learn something new about me. ENJOY!



My last outfit on the Fashion Week Poland was also very special! And all this thanks to awesome coat with the specific jars from Mariusz Przybylski collection! This is probably the first coat on my shoulders, which not only looks great, it also is made of good material and is perfectly tailored! Printed jacket was contrasted with ocean sprint and waterfall on pants. The pants designed by Kamil Sobczyk especially captivated me with its originality. For a long time I was looking for pants that are not jeans or another copy from Zara. These are ideal and are good for me. In addition, their color and precision of <3 Turquoise shirt fit perfectly in the maritime climate pants :D As always, I put on the classic accessories, I chose the shoes of a typical English pattern, chocolate hat with feathers, briefcase in Indian paisley patterns. The next point - sunglasses, with which Polish streets are not gray. The whole styling became complemented with a leather collar studded with spikes, leather gloves created an aesthetic unity. As the last addition to that I decided to watch a classic, which unfortunately will confirm my belief that the next edition of Fashion Week Poland is coming to an end. But I like this watch :) I like very much this stylization because now I know that turquoise color combined with chocolate is a good choice, a combination of different, seemingly no pattern matching does not have to be a fashion spil-up :)



After Saturday's day at Fashion Week Poland I’ve lost my strength a little bit - mere participation at shows until 11 pm was not light occupation. Nonetheless, I really wanted to see as many shows as it was possible, and to share my impressions with you! Sunday's busy fashion day passed very quietly, but simultaneously sadly - there were already last shows and a pity to leave. On the other hand, again, during this edition met great people, saw great shows and was imbued with a million inspirations, which I probably will include to my stylizations. I am glad that the Polish fashion market is rapidly growing and that such events arise - that do not allow us to be worse than the other capitals of fashion. There is still a lot of work ahead of us, but the potential is significant.



As I mentioned, my second day at Fashion Week Poland was very cold! However, some people argued that this winter, I pulled into the country because of my styling. I think it's quite possible: D Why? That day, I put on outfit a la Tsarist Russian officer and the prevailing weather outside the window created the perfect background. Saturday day was special to me, because this was the first time I wear a coat that is my project both in form and in details. Coffee and olive-colored coat, in the last creative process was decorated with gold studded spikes. I have achieved a perfect result, because I have created something, what I was looking for a long time! You all should try to believe in your creativity and patience, don’t sleep for a few nights, and feel great satisfaction with your result :D Besides the jacket, another part of the nature of the styling was a cap, for which anyone on the street was shocked. It's a funny feeling when someone loses senses and wonder if I am a real officer, or if it's just a funny fashion statement. Yes, I was asked question like this ... if you only saw the face of this elderly lady :D But this time I put on the 3 elements which are mutually juxtaposed, and created some kind of “competition”. Of course, Anna Dello Russo for H&M glasses, which, despite its weight (caused by a golden chain) are my number 1 when it comes to collection of my glasses. I have also chosen a purple shirt and gold pants. Thanks to heavy shoes, my styling has gained some ground, but to a greater extent, we are dealing with the military style! Accessorizes this time were golden jewelry and earrings in the shape of wolf, and burgundies suede clutch perfectly fiting to the current trends and become the perfect depository for all my top-secret files! ^^



My second day at Fashion Week Poland was going to be very cold and actually it really was. Through the window I saw a lot of snow, Siberian aura was existence! I laughed all day that event organizers should change the name of the event into Fashion Week Siberia :D Despite the unfavorable weather, the amount of guests at the shows did not disappoint, but when I saw some people and their oufits I felt like I was in Africa - bare legs or summer dresses. But on the other hand, if you want to look fashionable, you have to suffer! I do sometimes suffer, but you cannot see it in the pictures :D


Fashionable Innovations & TVP1

Dear all! Recently I was invited to the Polish Television to “LOL” program, dedicated to young people, where we talked about fashion. It was a wonderful time, and everyone enjoyed it, despite the unfavorable weather! I love to talk and I would love to talk in infinity, if I was only allowed – it was of course impossible due to the time schedule. Although, if I might tell everything, what I wanted, this program would take five hours ^^ Now, I would love to invite you to watch the video HERE. You can see me from the 4.47 minute.



The first day of the Fashion Week Poland (about which you can read here) I put on a neon anonymity ^ ^ I love these colors and I think that juicy hues fit me perfectly! This time I have chosen neon shirt, which I snatched from hands of a well-dressed man in a second-hand :D Such a successful purchase! I matched this shirt with black pants with a very interesting embroidery and luminous material - they present themselves really well, especially during the night, when pants look like made out of million sequins. In addition I’ve chose orange shoes that do not allow me to disappear in the crowd. I love colorful shoes and I'm glad that more and more can be found on store shelves, which are designed for men! As for the extras that I put on a classic black clutch and a futuristic watch that certainly is my love of jewelry which I own. “Dot the i’s and cross the t’s” of this stylization is the neon hat with black tulle, which reminds me of the colorfull widower, though the name itself sounds contrariwise. I assure you that despite the fact that my face is less visible is through the thick stuff, I've seen quite well and I still own all my teeth ^ ^ Besides, I do not know how about you, but I personally love the combination of neon lime with black!



Friday 26 October 2012.
This is a special day for me, mainly because of the significant series of shows, which take place during Fashion Week Poland. Favorable weather, glaring sun that is splashing through my aviator sunglasses, suggests that the day will be successful! Packing my suitcase – first one, second and still have not enough space. OMG. Rushing to the seamstress, the last patches, the last fittings, and now is time to start the adventure with the FASHION WEEK POLAND! Quick trip to Lodz, and then unpacking first suitcase with a friday's outfit in home, where lives a lovely girl, who used to dance in New York.
I'm ready ... I hardly see anything (about this in another post), and on the street people were getting blind because of my trousers . One woman stops me: "Give me your pants! Where did you buy them?". I feel, that people, passersby, car drivers are looking at me. I think to myself ... OKAY, I'M NOT AVERAGE, HAHA. Now I am running to the show, to receive an accreditation from a woman who said that he could not recognize me in the picture, because I have a veiled face ...


SHOT MAGAZINE & interview with ME

Sweethearts!!! Today I would like to show off with you with my small success. In the latest issue of the "SHOT MAGAZINE" appeared an interview with me. If you want to know who is my idol, where I do shopping and what inspires me, I invite you to take a look HERE! Secondly .... session, which I stylized also hited the side of this magazine - it's really a great honor for me. I would like to add, that the "SHOT MAGAZINE" is the result of a good job and we won’t see there advertisements on 70% of pages. “SHOT” contains interesting interviews with people associated with art and fashion. It is very inspiring because of the variety photo shoots - it is really in the form of an album. Therefore, I invite you to see a new “SHOT MAGAZINE”, which printed version can be bought in the best polish showrooms. 
Take care <3<3


Goodbye Summer Love

Another successful photo session is already behind me! I had a pleasure to work with a great team, which I already miss and I sincerely hope for the next proposal to undertake a joint project. Results of our work have been titled "Goodbye Summer Love". It is some kind of a story about a holiday affair, which combined two people. She is a typical romantic, who is willing to love exultation and share a huge amount of emotions; he is well-to-do, serious man, but also a heart-breaker. Despite differences in their characters, woman and man have one in common - violent, unexpected feeling for which there are no prospects, mainly because of the real life of lovers waiting for the end of holidays. And it has been shown in the pictures for which Warsaw Royal Baths became a scenery. As you probably guessed, I played the role of a stylist.

Talking about styling, I wanted to connect there mainly romance and classic elegance, reflecting the characters of the actors of this photo shot. For a female model (which stylized Wildfox7) were selected mainly feminine dresses in pastel colors, with elements of lace or frills, which donated her emotional disposition. But for her partner – I chose an elegant and simple suits. However, not to stay in any rigid framework, I decided to add also few extravagant items, namely - jewelry and accessories. Unique necklaces, which drew the outfits perfectly with a stern expression on his face - face of man, who likes to dominate and be in the center of attention.
Now I would like to invite you to see the pictures!


Innovative technique of design

I love conferences related to the fashion market and its aspects. Last one, on which I was invited to concerned the neo-fashion, and more specified - how does the fashion market grow in terms of productions. The conference took place in one of the fashion design school and concerned several issues related to the design of clothing in the 3D technique. In the beginning we were talking about the software related to the design of clothing and textiles. The lecture was prepared by Marzenna Lesiakowska and Irena Dwornicka from Lectra company. Now I realize how such programs facilitate the work of designers and tailors companies, which are using them at work. But firstly you need to learn how to use them; it is quite complicated and you have to have strong nerves! : D Modern software are able to illustrate how the material is going to laid on the body. Programs have more options of 3D effect, so the project is easier to realize.
Then we were talking about clothing thermoregulatory with Marcin Tadeuszak, the director of Contifibre. Currently, several large fashion houses prefer these fabrics (for ex. Burberry) mainly because of the comfort of its customers. Dresses which heat the body during the winter or cool during the summer. It goes similarly with coats or other coverings faces. I had a chance to try out this fabric and the effect was indeed cooling in the temperature of 25 degrees. This is the perfect alternative for people, who live actively and are exposed for instant changeability of the weather (especially in Polish buses in summer time)^^



After the last post on my blog about the Queen Anna Dello Russo, I feel obliged to write more! I cannot leave it without information about Queen’s partnership with the most famous chain-store - H&M. The collection premiered on 4th of October and is still very popular! Anna Dello Russo was surprised by the news that H&M wants to start the cooperation with her. However, she as an owner of such extravagant accessories took the challenge and created a collection of jewelry, shoes and other totally amazing additions, full of baroque splendor! Anna always says how jewelry was important in the whole stylizations. Just set up a modest little black dress and match it with a lot of knickknacks that will change the character of the entire outfit for a more phenomenal! It's just a fact!

Collection of jewelry designed by Anna for H&M produces extreme opinions. Some people express their judgments in a very enthusiastic way, mainly about the reference to the Baroque (which AdR loves). Opponents see the whole collection as a trashy, shoddy and in a really bad taste. However, that was exactly the intention of the creator! I personally really like the splendor of H&M’s and Anna’s collaboration; heavy necklaces, gold sunglasses with metal strings are something necessary to catch the attention. Wearing accessories like these, with addition of causal look you can feel like at any Fashion Week! ^^


I don't want to be cool, I want to be fashion!

When I look at her pictures and creations my heart always beats faster! Each of her stylization is a huge dose of inspirations for me. I am terribly in love with her and often make jokes that she's like my fashion godmother :D About who am I talking about? About stylist Anna Dello Russo of course! I absolutely agree with a photographer Helmut Newton who said that THIS WOMAN was the greatest fashion fanatic.

Anna Dello Russo is a kind of rebel, who opposes rigidly defined rules on dress code. Anna is a walking mannequin, which pays a tribute to the most famous fashion designers in the world by wearing their the most extravagant clothes. 20 years after finishing studies on the Italian literature and art, she has been working for the world's fashion Bible – Vogue. Firstly for Vogue Italia, then - L'Uomo Vogue, and currently she is holding the position of editor-in-chief of Vogue Japan (Japanese edition of Vogue is my most favorite, mainly because of being extremely inspiring!). The most interesting thing about this is that Anna Dello Russo did not have to move to Tokyo - all issues related to the storage she oversees in her apartment in Milan. Work in Vogue made Anna able to meet a lot of important people from the world of fashion, and she herself became a hot name that attracts a lot of attention. In fact, D&G owns Anna a lot – their logo became synonymous with luxury, what started with her and two designers friendship. 


MEXICO and cigarette

Palm trees, palaces, wide-brimmed hats! So, this is in particular what reminds me of Mexico! Today's styling is so much Mexican! I chose definitely shades of pink in which I feel well and I feel masculine in spite of the stereotypes  ^^
I chose also pastel linen suit, which has been a small experiment with sewing. I exchanged the buttons for more juicy and perfectly contrasting with the material :) Sometimes replacing buttons adds the attractiveness of a thing and we do not have to worry about it that we'll see someone in the same jacket on the street! Here's the point! Pink shirt and a fly in fuchsia color bring me in a candy mood, especially in autumn :)
I chose the classic boots, some in the English style, a bit of vintage to a higher platform! I liked them very much and now I'm hunting for espadrilles from Prada! Once again I chose a watch from Deja vu, which match the design to the shoe, making the whole styling about nature and gravity, although seriousness does not stick to me :D Suede clutch is my another love, which perfectly fits the suit in terms of color. However, I like the most the upper part of accessories ... I mean blue sunglasses and a straw hat in the color of raspberries, which always makes me think of a holiday in Mexico!
A cigarette? Let's just say it's part of the styling ... well, look at the smoke :)



Recently I mentioned about the Polish-Italian School ViaModa Industrial, which prepared a great program for students. In addition, the university often organizes very interesting events. The next will be held on Saturday, September 22 at 12 am at the school, on which I invite you cordially. Why? Because I will be there ^^ And seriously... because the character of this meeting will be very inspiring. Surely you have heard about the body scan in order to obtain a 3D image or something like Avatar. Designer, having such a document of overexposed person is able to sew clothes for the potential customer while living from it thousands of miles away. It's amazing how technology is developing rapidly and the benefits that gives to people and in this case -for the development of the fashion industry. On Saturday everyone will have an opportunity to try out the most accurate device for anthropometric measurements. You will also be able to check fashion design program. And for dessert, each of the participants will be able to touch the neo-materials, which change the temperature. Such materials are already used by world's most famous fashion houses such as Burberry.
I think that it is really worth to participate in this meeting, which I will describe anyway on my blog. If you also have a desire to meet a different meaning of fashion, you have to enroll now! Just send an email to rekrutacja@vmi.edu.pl. Number of participants is limited, so hurry and see you in Saturday :* 



I am sure you know that every day I work as a stylist for several companies. Recently I was invited to take part in the "Photographic Fashion" contest alongside rally of Depeche Mode band fans in Poland. Forgive me that I am showing off that but my styling has won 2nd place in the competition and our team, which was working on this photo session won gifts :) The entire session was inspired by the video clip "It's No Good". When it comes to stylization, the main motive was sequins and feathers. Therefore, I used for the stylization the lace dress with the skirt with long feathers. I really wanted to create this set in the style of club but I selected gold jewelry, which is very elegance and classic, and shoes with print of zebra added nonchalance and predation in this stylization. Everytime I’m telling you that the devil is in the details and it is really about accessories, choice of shoes or handbag builds character of stylization :) The main point was to presents amorous and cunning woman, just like in the song of Depeche Mode. Thanks again for the award in the competition :) That many contents, it's time for the pics ^^



Many of you often write to me e-mails and ask about is there any Warsaw school dealing with the design and fashion market which I could recommend for hem. As far as institutions of higher education are concerned, there is very few of them in which can study young artists and ‘fashion people’. Certainly, there are many schools that prepare students with the theory, help to find inspirations, but not in the practice and technique. However, with the development of a thriving Polish fashion market some new schools come into existence - a kind of asylums for young designers who bind her/his future with fashion market or creating fashion.
Personally, I recommend you a new Warsaw Polish-Italian VIAMODA INDUSTRIAL school. First of all, because the main policy of this school towrads its students is PRACTICE! Many people who finish fashion college have no idea
about fashion marketing, which is the basis for success in the fashion industry. I VIAMODA INDUSTRIAL offers students the practical vocational training in the field of designing and creating fashion, fashion management and the creation and implementation of modern technology strategy, communications and business solutions for the fashion industry.



There are days, when you’re getting up a little bit too late and you have just a few minutes to get dressed and run out of home for a whole day. Then, I am choosing the most comfortable invention of fashion – jeans, which always looks good, and there is nearly no risk to commit a fashion faux pas.
Of course later, I jumped back into my loved colors and choose a colorful suit for a dinner with my friends at my favorite Italian restaurant.
Recently, after my housewarming party I put on a set of grunge stylized clothes, with various kinds and colors of jeans.
Let’s take a look at my outfit!
I choose a dark, denim shirt from Levi’s and I mixed it with also jeans pants, which I dyed and tore earlier. Sometimes, with some help of my ‘innovation’s spirit’, I am just bullying my poor clothes to make them more interesting and unusual. But jeans’ stylizations do not have to be boring! The devil is in the details – so it is about choosing the right accessories which will add some flavor to the whole outfit!    



I am celebrating my 22nd birthday today, what is kind of depressing - it means that I am old!
I spent whole day at work in a photo studio with models which I stylized. It is really an important thing to love yours job...even when you have your bday! ^^
I know, that I should not share my birthday wishes about which I think while blowing away flame from candles on my cake, but I really want to make exception this time.
These are my first birthday since I have started Fashionable Innovations... and I would really want to continue my adventure with blogging! Second one... New York! I would love to finally visit this incredible city filed with fashion. Maybe even live there...?

And with this hopes I am sending you, my lovely readers, loads of kisses! It is time to celebrate MY DAY! <3


Anna Piaggi = FASHION ICON

Red lipstick, eclectic styling, the godmother of Anna Dello Russo and friend of Karl Lagerfeld ... I am talking about Anna Piaggi, of course... she is an Italian writer and journalist working for Vogue Italia. Today's post is going to be devoted to her, the woman,who I have always admired for her amazing approach to fashion. Anna Piaggi died a few weeks ago, but despite this she will remain the fashion icon, who can be the example for everyone.

Anna Piaggi was an incredibly talented woman. She was fluent in six languages, and his career began in the 60's of the last century in magazines: "Panorama", "Vanity", "Arianna" and in the 70's his life and work tied with the Italian edition of "Vogue". Anna explained many texts related to fashion and design in various languages​​ and she was responsible for the graphical issues photo shoot for "Vogue".


Fashionable businessman

My today's stylization will be this time in business style. In Poland, unfortunately, certain rules regarding about uniforms has not yet been introduced. I am thinking of wearing short shorts to jackets :) In many countries it is becoming more and more common. Polish men are very conservative in terms of clothing, but it is getting better! Men more often wear colorful tie and socks to dark suits ... Keep it up, gentlemen!
My outfit is perfect for the business lunch in fashionable style :P I find it difficult to determine what really is the most important part of stylization, because each element has a different character. I like combining something obvious with not obvious and it probably gives me more and more fun :)

Blazer is my next pearl of second-hand. But I do not like the color gray in 100%, so I decided to revive it with white buttons. I wore cream shorts with white shirt, which I love because the colored cuffs perfectly is in my climate. Instead, I put a tie on a wide neon necklace, because in the end is styling for lunch, so I do not rigidly adhere to the principles of wearing a uniform ^^ The hat, in which I feel like a dwarf and glasses like John Lennon with drawers, make the styling not formal, but still elegant.

I must say about accesories. Leather bag was styled to alligator skin, which is incredibly durable and I hope that it will be with me for few seasons. The bag is a project of Mariusz Przybylski, a Polish designer who really has a vivid imagination  I have chosen classic shoes with tassels, while the modern watch is base element of business outfit so it must be here too! :)
I leave you with pictures!:*


ZUO CORP fashion show AW 2012/13

I had the opportunity to see some time ago at the Politechnika Warszawska the fashion show of Zuo Corp for the autumn-winter 2012/13. I won't remember it with great enthusiasm. Of course, many Web sites, newspapers, television expressed different opinions about the show, so I would like to present my emotions, which accompanied by me that evening.

Show attracted many visitors and the queue was very loooooong, I felt that I was in it for hours, and the outside temperature was almost 100 degrees... but  I counted to 10000000000 and I got finally myself inside :) I must admit that the interior of the hall made a great impression on me and I felt like the hero in a fairy tale. Lighting, music, setting .... Everything seemed to be great! After a long delay, the show began. Models in black veils slowly steped out into the center of the room and each of them became on the shining pedestals. The collection titled "Jungle Gardenia" is a form of pure fun, a little geometry and the use of different materials. I refer to laser-trimmed coat, patterned embossed polyester, wool or leather. Subdued colors, predominant color of claret, coffee, black, and orange in the form of inserts in the material. At the end of the show was presented a ballgown made ​​of compacted snow texture of silk, embroidered with crystals and lace. Dress for most of the guests did not impress me, in the contrast to the fact that it was worth 35 000 PLN. Overall, the collection is no so much coherent but I like the leather clothing, especially flared skirts from the 50s :)


Meeting in Deja vu...

Recently I was invited to a meeting with German designer Brigitte Gertz-Ziegler ... probably you don’t know who is she :) Well, Brigitte is a founder of the brand Deja vu, which sells watches. After many years,when brand launch a new, unique, original watches, Deja vu has become increasingly recognized in Europe and this year opened its first store in Warsaw. What is unique about the idea of this brand? First of all, everyone can individually create a watch which will match the dress and style. It really is the perfect solution for people who care about every detail in their styling ^^

Meeting with the designer in the office lounge of Deja vu passed very pleasantly. Well, but this famous German ability to be frank, friendly and to make the most out of lifeenjoy life. That is why I like about being in Berlin :) The meeting was also attended by the stylists from different magazines, including Anna Męczyńska, Marcin Świderek, Zuzanna Lewandowska, photographers, and other bloggers. At the meeting, each of us could talk about the idea of the brand with Brigitte, who also has the ability to recognize signs of the zodiac of other people. It's very funny :D In addition, anyone can create her/his own watch, which design expresses our style and personality! That is what I like about those watches that we can play the role of designers in the palm of your pearls.
And besides, there was also a very tasty treat! So good that after the meeting I didn’t fit to door of subway ^^ A few days later I made a dessert with rocket salad and meat with almonds <3


Paprocki&Brzozowski fashion show AW 2012/13

The fashon show of the latest collection of Paprocki&Brzozowski brand for autumn-winter 2012 is behind us. This event attracted a lot of guests, actors, presenters and other celebrities :) It was the next show in Soho Factory in Warsaw, which I could not miss, especially that I follow closely a brand created by the guys and I appreciate that collections are getting better and better. And you can see that the designers are also open to new forms and materials! Besides, do you know that for two years I was a student of Mariusz Brzozowski, who taught me the design and styling :D
Well, coming back to the show .... the vast number of the guests made everybody very excited and all of the people were eagerly waiting for the start of the show. There was also a surprising scenography, since the catwalk had the U-shape and not I-shape as usually :) Above the catwalk there was a neon sign saying "Hotel", which also made us thinking ...
This time the inspiration for the designers to create a collection was Andy Warhol and his film "Chelsea Girls," which talked about the beautiful women living in the Chelsea Hotel. Models on the catwalk were reallybeautiful, all looked like the two peas in a pod. Many sites on the Internet criticized these models, because their hair and makeup allegedly diverted attention from the clothes that they were wearing. The same hairstyle models doesn’t disturb me and I could be delighted with the collection and music, which also was the advantage of the events that evening.


Fairy tale about Bizuu

Recently I was invited to the presention of the latest collection of Bizuu in the boutique of that brand. Of course, I accepted the invitation, since I've heard about this brand earlier. More recently, in the spring edition of Fashion Week Poland (where the account you can read HERE) I had a chance to see their show, which was hailed with huge applause, and received a lot of positive comments in the press. Well, I'm not surprised because the clothes from Bizuu are from an excellent material, ultrafeminine and that subtle forms of nonchalance, which can be seen in dresses, jackets and skirts.
As for the interior of the boutique, I must admit that it is a paradise in terms of architecture and composition. Raw heated interior accessories in pastel colors give an incredibly delicate and feminine just like collections of brand :)  I could live in a place most gladly like sipping champagne, eating strawberry and write new post on my blog ^^

Clothes of collections, which you can see  in a boutique on the Koszykowa Street in Warsaw are really a dream of every woman. Lace, tulle, cotton, colors, turquoise, mint, pastels ... Isn't it sensual and romantic? In addition, you can see here the clothes of the autumn-winter collection. These, however, are made ​​from a more sophisticated materials. Collection mixes classical elements such as lace and Chanel-like wools with nylon and faux fur.
In the boutique you can also get a great add-ons: a nice, colorful bags or interesting in the form of footwear. In addition, brand cooperate with other companies. These include, among others, Triwa brand whose watches, which I adore <3
I must also mention about my outfit . I don’t know if it's a coincidence or is this my extraordinary intuition, but I fit in very well to the color of the the prevailing climate in the boutique. In addition, a bicycle ... it looks as if it belongs to me! ^^ Well, pink bicycle for man is a crummy choice, which does not change the fact that the decor of Bizuu is fabulous :D


ROBERT KUPISZ fashion show AW 2012/13

Robert Kupisz is a person belonging to a small group of Polish designers, who I appreciate and admire most. This is a man of many talents, a professional in the dance, hairdressing and his next life stage is designing. And it was a very good choice because each collection of Robert Kupisz bowls visitors over and applause after the show are endless! Robert is an amazing man and I admire his collections and appreciate him for his consistency, which can be seen once again in the collection.
The last show of the designer was held in Soho Factory in Warsaw, a place which is more and more popular with the Polish designers. Sometimes I think about buying a flat in Warsaw's Praga district because of the number of events held in this place :D

Robert's latest collection is called "WANTED" and definitely will be long remembered. The main inspiration for the creation of the collection was "Once Upon a Time in the West"  by Sergio Leone. Main character, Claudia Cardinale is a sexy woman, seductive, extremely brave and aware of her femininity. Collection of Robert Kupisz is directed for such women, collection... which also includes a male figure, unisex versions shown in the female models. Woman according to the latest collection of the designer is a woman attractive, bold, energetic set, a woman seated on a modern Wild West.


Good campaign Dior Addict

I want to take a closer look at the unique advertising campaign of Dior Perfume Dior Addict. I can rarely watch a well-tuned campaigns that show something innovative, something we can remember and something that inspires us. Of course it's an individual issue due to different perceptions of beauty, aesthetics and communication by the public or people.
The advertising campaign of the new Dior fragrance refers to the film "And God Created Woman" by Roger Vadim and it is a tribute to Brigitte Bardot and style of the 50's which she created. It is worth noting that many famous, talented people worked with the campaign. Modern Brigitte Bardot in the campaign was Daphne Groeneveld, 17 year old Dutch model, who you can see on the covers of some major fashion magazines. It is the embodiment of a young woman of Dior Addict, she has face is gushing youth, energy and raw sensuality. Daphne poses in front of the lens master, Tim Walker, who remains faithful to the House of Dior. This genius is a British photographer whose pictures you can see the timeless poetry and perfectly shows the beauty of a young and fresh women Dior Addict. We should remember about director of TV commercial who is Jonas Akerlund himself. He worked already with Lady Gaga or Madonna.



Nobody would convince me that the retro style is boring and monotonous. Rubbish! It all depends on what accessories and colors we use. Our retro styling can be fresh and intriguing. I went whole hog and I combined with each other different colors: gold and purple with brown, turquoise with green and mint, neon shoestring, pens with leather accessories :) But with so many colors stylization has kept the character I wanted. But the most important element of my styling is a jacket, which has about 30 years old and I reconfigured and changed its style. Now, I know that a combination of rotten green with turquoise is a great success! I put cap on his head, which I love more than life. In addition, you have to know that you must have caps during the season autumn and winter. Caps add the class, yet avant-garde so I love it for this! :)  A brown leather gloves and sunglasses really smell round my retro style, which is why they are necessary in this styling. Finishing off the leather, mint clutch, where men can hide most gadgets :) And.... neon sheostrings in shoes is such a relish for dessert. You might want to combine sports with elegant shoestrings  because life is not warnings rules and principles, haha :)


Fashion Designer Awards 2012

I attended for the first time the Fashion Designer Awards, though that event is being organized since 2008. Better late than never :) Despite the delays and very high temperature inside the hall, it was worth waiting! Definitely! I really like the character of the event, which brings together young designers, people with innovative ideas and vision. Fashion Designer Awards is an initiative that helps young people to get a scholarship to study at prestigious universities and fulfill their dreams for the design of clothing. This year's final gala was hosted by Agnieszka Popielewicz, who looks amazing. I think that she is one of the most beautiful women in Poland ^^
On the final gala I saw a lot of designers, stylists, actress and celebrities The jury consists, among others, of Małgorzata Socha, Katarzyna Zielinska, Lidia Popiel, Dorota Williams. The special guest was the Milanese designer Roberto Musso, who presented that evening his latest collection "Room of Desires".
The gala was opened by the fashion show and collecions inspired by Cisowianka Perlage. Young designers: Ewa Pałos, Edyta Pietrzyk, Maciej Trzmiel satisfied guests with their collections. I must admit that almost all the models outfits hit my taste and attracted my eyes. I love lightness, femininity and color!


BOHOBOCO fashion show

As you know, recently I had the opportunity to see a lot of shows, to which I was invited and which I couldn't miss :) Today I bring you a brand Bohoboco and its latest collection for autumn winter 2012/2013. I had never had a chance to see the show of theisbrand, which is formed Michał Gilbert Lach and Kamil Owczarek, so I was even more excited about what I could see on the runway. The show took place on 25 May in Soho Factory in Warsaw. Despite late Friday, there were a lot of guests, including celebrities, actors and celebrities :)

When it comes to the collections, I was definitely surprised and I can safely say that from today I am a big fan of Bohoboco brand. I will be closely watching the next collections of these young designers. However, the disadvantage of the event was a long waiting! Show was delayed for almost 2 hours, some guests even left the hall before the end ... But I was patient! At 22.42 p.m., the first model came, then the next, and I could not tear my eyes! I saw on the catwalk top world modeling such as Wąż, Franek and Jasek. I loved the make-up of models, of course, done by Estée Lauder. In addition, power of accessories, Swarovski jewelry and oryginal BOHOLOFT shoes, which together with a collection of clothes created harmonious duet! 

A collection of excellence! Why? Minimalism, minimalism, minimalism and again, but ....minimalism of modern! elegant! futuristic! I saw the splendor in the collection, which apparently was the idea of designers. I think about new materials now! Modern texture, statement of different fabrics, black, gray, gold, soft forms and sharp geometric cut! So in short this is how I can describe the latest collection Bohoboco. However, the Italian textiles have something in itself! I liked the fur, soft wool and cashmere, uniform colors, industrial teflon-coated fabric or plastic! I love futurism! The collection really impressed me very positive impression and stuck in my memory.The entire collection is addressed to women, who want to emphasis their femininity, express their individuality and his charisma. Bohoboco duo made first-class job of collection :)



This time my styling is not colorful, I am continuing being moderate in termis of accessories and jewelry. Let's say that it is my way of minimalism. I’m a fan of pomegranate with white, but definitely I’m against simple solutions! Hence my choice were: pants with fringes (my idea) and vintage shirt, which I made sleevless. With fringes, trousers are three-dimensional and attract attention. These pants perfectly fit to a country music party, because it’s in a cowboy style. Oversize shirt and forage cap add seriousness to the stylization and glasses too ^^ I chose also the golden shoes in the English climate and vintage leather bag, which captivates me with its scent of the skin and squeaking ... These are my fashion deviations :) Okay ... time for the pictures! 


Fashion Days 2012

Recently, more and more I attend various conferences about fashion and fashion market. This time I went on a two-day event Fashion Days 2012, organized by Warsaw School of Economics.
Excellent attendance of guests, interesting lectures, valuable tips and answers to our questions - that is in short how it looked like.
The first lecture was concerned with the luxury brand management. It was run by Paweł Makowski from the magazine Art & Business, who presented a great knowledge of marketing, the fashion business. He had an excellent contact with the audience. He gave his listeners the opportunity to reflect on the luxury, the perception in the spheres of everyday life. It was the great lecture, which had a character of a casual conversation between participants.


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