The December is the perfect month for catch-up. So I decided that I must see you effects of photoshooting with whom I worked lately. 
The first one goes Osi Ugonoh, winner of the Polish version of program "Top Model", whom I strong supported from the start of the program! I think that she is a true professional that is why I'm even more glad that I was able to style photoshooting for the magazine "Miasto Kobiet". 

I prepared for Osi stylings in muted colors which emphasized her beauty from which you can not take your eyes off. Like a "black heroine," which delights in the raw interior district of Warsaw - Praga. This beautiful, dark-skinned girl has such a lot of positive energy that working with her is really a pleasure. Good atmosphere on the set is the hope for a satisfactory end result. I am very pleased with the pictures that have already found their way to my golden book. Anyway, see for yourself!



Exactly 4 years ago I posted my first styling outfit on my blog. At that time I didn't realise how good that decision was for me. I created a website which positively impacted on my life, increased my confidence levels dramatically and helped me spread my wings career-wise. My blog made me perceive the world and more importantly - fashion more maturely. My style became more thought-through and brave, and nowadays, the way I present myself expresses my personality in 100%.
Thanks to “Fashionable Innovations” I gained acceptance in fashion industry and at the same time I landed myself many work opportunities from designers, advertising companies and private individuals.
I got to work and got to know amazing people which became my friends. My blog is still growing. Currently, I am working on a big project which is particularly significant for me and the outcome of this hard work will be soon available online.



Od kilkudziesięciu lat firma H&M podejmuje współpracę ze znanymi projektantami - twórcami mody wyrafinowanej. Dzięki temu mamy dostęp do świata wielkiej mody, obcując przy tym z projektami najbardziej znanych twórców ostatnich dekad. Pierwszym z nich był Karl Lagerfeld. Limitowana kolekcja sygnowana nazwiskiem wielkiego guru trafiła do sklepów w 2004 roku i od tamtego czasu moda z najwyżej półki na stałe zagościła w sklepach H&M. Przez te kilkanaście lat mogliśmy kupić ubrania od takich projektantów jak: Stella McCartney, Viktor & Rolf, Cavalli, Comme des Garcons, Mathew Williamson, Jimmy Choo, Lanvin, Sonia Rykiel, Versace, Marni, Maison Martin Margiela, Isabel Marant czy Alexander Wang.



I love the summer, and even more glad of the warm autumn, which allows us to forget the coat and low temperatures. So it was a few weeks ago when I spent a weekend in Sopot. I like to visit the Polish sea after the season. Why? Much less people, acceptable queues at restaurants and everything seems so much more relaxing for me. There is nothing better than a leisurely walk along the beach when you can enjoy the sun, the fresh air and your thoughts. So it's amazing.
I was pleased with the fact that I can bring a small suitcase and the last time (after that weekend was below 10 degrees) I could be dressed in the summer clothes, light, pretty... in something which I feel like I was on vacation in Barcelona.
I chose on my favorite set with green patterns. So I think about shirt and shorts, which together look like a wetsuit, but it's only appearances. I love it, that colors that fits ideal with my color of skin.
I could not miss a straw hat, as well as other additives like black, classic shoes, black bag and black belt. A lot of black,black, black color but my secretive plan was to be patterned set was in the foreground! :)
On my hand it appeared a new watch, which I love very much. When it comes to watches and other gadgets for men, I always chose simplicity and elegance. Just that my wardrobe is so colorful, that some people can not recover and need resuscitation :)
Today I reanimates you by rays of the sun, which will certainly help you on cool autumn mornings.



Today I invite You to see another advertisement for the Allegro company for which I was a costume designer assistant. "What do you search in your dreams" is a wonderful story about friendship, feelings and... dog, which still became the main character of this story :) As in the previous advertising for Allegro, which was also styled with Ina Lekiewicz (you can see it HERE), director Erik van Wyk put on the emotions that are intended to affect the recipient. This is very important aspect because on a TV screen, we happen to watch many meaningless ads. This commercial does not bored me and not only due to the fact that I was part of it :)
On the set of this production there was a bit more work. I had to prepare more stylings and took care of every detail that could not be missed in the dressing room. But the more you work, the more I feel satisfied with its results.
In the next post I will tell you about what the ads shooting is like and the ad from the kitchen (or backstage) and I will tell you some funny secrets accompanying the plan. Stay tuned!
I invite you to watch the ad and I'm curious about your opinions on it :)



My dear! Recently I mentioned to you that I was working on an important project for me. It was important because it was the first such task in my life that required from me a lot of sacrifice and concentration. I think about the advertising for Allegro company, on the set where I worked as a costume designer. I was responsible, among others, for organizing all the clothes in which you can see the actors, young and old in this commercial. What's more, I had the opportunity to work with one of the best directors in the world, and I met wonderful and interesting people. We will find more about how the preparation for the ad lookes like in the post, in which you will see the backstage of the advertising plan. You'll also see for yourself my busy schedule activities during the implementation of this crazy project.

And now I invite you to watch this first wonderful advertisement, I fell in love! I really like the emotions shown therein. Big plus for the fact that this is not another boring advertising which irritates and tires us. I am glad that I was part of it, and the results of my work can be seen on screen televisions. Yes! I am bursting with pride :)
I wonder what you think of this ad! I am waiting for your comments.



Probably not once you wondered how a photo shoot looked like... how much time is needed for the model front to be ready for the session ... how many people  work at photoshooting...
Today, I will address those questions. Some time ago I had the opportunity to work on lookbook session for the well-known Polish company Simple. A company that is growing rapidly in our home market and it is gaining new, satisfied customers. I am so glad that I was able to co-create this session and met wonderful Weronika Pietras - the main designer of the Simple brand.



Wedding's Styling is a demanding story. Especially when your siblings gets marry. What can you do to not look like another wedding guest in sad suit, and yet not outshine the bridegroom?
Amazingly, the preparation of my styling lasted only a few days. I set for classic and elegant design. I gave up my beloved patterns, and also very saturated colors. In spite of my limitations, I believe that the styling is very much in my extravagant style!

I am not a fan of the obvious solutions when it comes to clothing. A dark suit and white shirt is not satisfactory for me. That's why I chose black wool trousers with an interesting stripe, which joined with cream-colored jacket. Most of the styling like the shirt. Apparently white, classic, but with sequin accents on the front. It fitted to a tuxedo very well, but in this set it adds character and modern elegance.



A few days ago I had the opportunity to appear in the program "Pytanie na śniadanie" in the Polish television TVP. This time I was a specialist in sales in the shopping centers. As you know I am very experienced as I work as a personal shopper. I know where and when is the best to buy and what to pay attention. A year ago, I was interviewed for the magazine „Wysokie Obcasy", which also was related to the same topic.

I was very happy when I got the call and I was invited to the TV program. I love such situations! I am a talker, a performance on TV for me is not to just another valuable experience but also to do this it is a chance tomeet new people with my crazy and colorful personality. If someone had of you not not see yet this opportunity to invite the interview HERE.

The recording was at 8:06. Imagine what time I had to get up. Well... that was in the middle of the night but it was worth it! Of course, I had the time before recording for a cup of coffee at a time when makeup artist did improve my face!. I must admit that I was a bit stressed, which for me was disturbing. When I sat on the comfortable couch in studio, I have empitness in my head. Okay! Fortunately, it lasted for about 5 seconds, so quickly I came to do myself.

During the talks he accompanied me fashioblogger Anna Skóra, known more as „What Anna Wears”.
The conversation with the program's presenters went very nice and very FAST! The atmosphere before and during the recordings was outstanding. But it was mostly due to Łukasz Nowicki, whos sense of humor I like so much

I invite you to photos from my participation on TV and see you soon on a glass screen :)



Urban elegance in a slightly more sporty version. In this way you can charaterize my today's styling. This set is unusual for me. I chose sweatpants, in which for the first time I went out into the street. The first and not the last one. I did not think I would feel so well in it. Convenient, simple, and yet interesting! Of course, I could have not missed the extravagant accessories, I mean my awesome silver bag, which glows in the dark.

This is not styling for people loving sports style. This set will fit someone, who knows the principles of elegance, classics are no strangers for her/him, and yet he likes to mix and match different styles. That's why I put on 4 colors that harmonize it perfectly with each other. Speaking of red and burgundy, combined with white and black. I chose wool coat, which joined the cashmere sweater in the same color. In the foreground, a cotton scarf with stripes that are very fashionable in this season. I never thought that white color in so well with the burgundy. Well. Better late than never :)

White sneakers from Diesel. Classic itself. Usually suitable for everyone and perfectly suited every day. Tourists and active people love them. Comfort wins despite all contrary to the opinion of Anna Dello Russo :)

In the styling could not miss sunglasses. The choice fell on black, matte frames from special collection by Alexander Wang for H&M.
Here is my interpretation of sporty elegance. Another experiment proved to be a hit!
Have fun with fashion! I would heartily recommend.



Today I would like to present the effects of photoshooting which was styled by me. This appeared recently in the famous Polish magazine "Fashion Magazine". This is the first publication of my session in this magazine! I am glad that my next goal was achieved! Session was very special for me because the main model was the participant of the program "Top Model", which has been more and more successful, not only in Poland. The preparation for the stylings required my strong personal and conceptual commitment. What's more is that the session was an introduction to an article about androgenic models. That is why I chose modern clothes in a simple form, in subdued colors that highlighted the beauty of a very interesting model.
I invite you to look at the photos, as well as relationships with backstage session not only portrayed on film!



Druga edycja programu "Project Runway" dobiegła końca. Niezwykle emocjonująca,  z bardzo uzdolnionymi uczestnikami, którzy są nadzieją, wielką nadzieją na rozwój polskiego rynku mody. Polska moda rozwija się bardzo powoli. Wszelkie wykraczanie poza schematy i konwenanse kończy się najczęściej krytyką lub niezrozumieniem. Moda jest formą sztuki, która musi ewoluować. Czasami mam wrażenie, że niektórym polskim projektantom brakuje wyobraźni, a ich kolekcje przestają nas zaskakiwać. Są dobrze sprzedażowe, ale mało nowatorskie. Dla mnie takie osoby jak Michał, Patryk czy Ania są wielką inspiracją. W ich projektach widzę pomysł, świeżość i olbrzymi artyzm. Kolekcje, które zaprezentowali w finałowym odcinku są świetne. Oczywiście jedne projekty podobają mi się bardziej, inne mniej, jednak wszystkie wywołują we mnie jakieś emocje i nie widzę kolejnej smutnej sukienki uszytej z jedwabiu. To nie jest takie proste, zważywszy na fakt, że mieli tylko miesiąc na stworzenie finałowej kolekcji składającej się z 10 sylwetek. Niewiele czasu, a mimo tego finałowa trójka poradziła sobie z zadaniem znakomicie.



This year’s Met Gala has taken place. One of the most famous events in New York gathered in the popular Musem the most fashion, music and film stars. Metropolitan Museum of Art was a real fashion revue. This event is The Costume Institute’s main source of annual funding for exhibitions, publications, acquisitions, and capital improvements. 
This year the theme of the exhibition was: "China: Through the Looking Glass" and was devoted to Chinese art and fashion. The stars of the evening could see the Chinese costumes, paintings, porcelain and movies. During the exhibition, one could admire the clothes of such geniuses as Coco Chanel, John Galliano for Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood. The evening’s co-chairs are Jennifer Lawrence, Gong Li, Marissa Mayer, Wendi Murdoch, and Anna Wintour. 
And very important information! Everyone can see this exhibition only to 16 August 2015. If you plan journey to the Carrie Bradshaw's City, exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art must be on your list of the most important things you need to necessarily see.



Recently I'm in love with a short leather jacket straight from the 80s, which I found in a vintage shop. Of course I had to buy it because I could not stop thinking about it! However, its brown sparked my desire to experiment with my creative mind. Me and my crazy ideas :) I changed the color of the jackets with a silver spray for a car mask. And the result - ideal!

By changing the color of the jacket has become more futuristic style. The rest of the styling is in retro style. Glossy, graphic pants I mixed with a beautiful Lanvin shoes. Jacket and round sunglasses a'la Dior style are the most visible in this set.
A hat - an integral part of my styling! Today I present to you brown, slightly higher, resembling a hat which wears Pharrell Williams. I like this shape and often I wear it to rock or very elegant stylings. It's probably my favorite model of hat which I have in my collection :)

Noteworthy is the leather bag in which I can hide my male gadgets. A vintage, very practical and solidly constructed, just perfect.
Finally, I must tell you that lately I'm obsessed with rings and other accessories for fingers. In today's styling is their full power, but a great fit for the rest.
And with dark, long beard, which enriches the whole styling, I feel like a Dandy in retro version!



A few weeks ago I worked at the photo session as a stylist, of course! I often work with different commercial designers and currently I am often working on various commercial and private projects. 2015 was very hard for me but I'm so very happy. 
The session, which you can see below is unique. I really like her character and raw climate. I choose for the model very bright, light stylings and come sets are inspired by Celine style. The photos are in themselves a kind of mystery and understatement. This has been a great success. I appreciate the photos which bring to the recipient some kind of reflection. I feel it, and believe me, I am very critical of myself and of my works. I have always been demanding and professional, so this time it could not be otherwise.
Of course, the effect of the session would not be great without the involvement of the whole team with whom I had the pleasure to work with.
Model! Wonderful Barbara Kozłowska working with modeling agency Network, which presented her beauty not only on the Polish catwalks, but also abroad. A few days ago we could see her on the Milan Fashion Week, during which presented collections of designers such as Alberto Zambelli and Andres Caballero (which is designed for the Italian brand San Andres). The photos were taken by Piotr Sitarski and Anna Piechocka was responsible for brilliant make-up and hair. Many thanks to the whole team for their work on this project, and I invite you to see the pictures. I look forward to your comments!



I always thought about winter in terms of the lack of sun, frozen hands and dark coats that overwhelm my colorful outfits. I've been frustrated in moments when my beautiful, colorful shirts and well-tailored trousers had to hide under the dark coat. After years, I am smarter, more aware of that problem and I know that coats can be the perfect complement to our styling. You might want to play with their form, whereby gray or black coat does not have to be boring and serve as sleeping bag which protect from frost. Be creative and do not let your coat was killed in a crowd with you!

During this winter in my wardrobe I can see more different prints, white and black colors and leather clothes. Of course, colors do not leave me but in the winter sets appear sporadically. They prefer warmer atmosphere, definitely! :)
My today's styling is very patterned. A shirt with asymmetric zigzag from Versace mixed with trousers, which resembles the wild, animal climate. Rib print very reminds me of the collections of Italian designer Roberto Cavalli.

Both prints have created a very interesting graphic whole. So the rest of the styling elements had to stay in a single color. That's why I chose white, oversize coat with a wide collar, which for a shirt and trousers created a contrast. The only stronger accent is burgundy hat with a wide brim. I did not think so burgundy and white mesh together very well. Black, leather suitcase remains in the graphic rhythm, and navy blue suede boots are not too heavy for the whole styling. And look at these futuristic sunglasses! Are not they perfect for a wild trip into space?



In the Sunday's evening at Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles was the 87th Oscars ceremony, which is an Academy Award's . This is a very prestigious award in the cinematography industry and its holders are remembered for a long time!
This year a lot of good films competed for the statue, including Boyhood, Grand Budapest Hotel and Birdman. The Oscar for the best actress went to Julianne Moore and to the actor Eddie Redmayne. Moreover, the Polish film "Ida", directed by Paweł Pawlikowski won the Oscar for best foreign-language picture. I'm still so excited about it!
This evening was really exciting and full of surprises! I think about extravagant styling with underwear only which chose host - actor Neil Patrick Harris (who wanted to make a scene from the Birdman film), a beautiful, operatic performance of Lady Gaga or presentation of additional Lego statuettes. Awesome!
On the red carpet, we were able to see a really successful stylings. Celebrities approached the subject with great commitment. Unfortunately some of them failed with the choice of their styling they should never appear on the red carpet. Who won the Fashion Oscar? And who made the biggest blunder? Let's start with evaluation. And what a styling was the best by you?



A few days ago, I spent a cultural afternoon. An Opera, intimate fashion show, refined tailoring and Arkadius work that I could touch with my hands. Is it sounds intriguing? What's more, everything was available for every ordinary mortal. What are we talking about? The exhibition of costumes for opera organized by The Grand Theatre - National Opera in Warsaw. "Opera Haute Couture," because this is name of the exhibition, provides extraordinary aesthetic experience for the customer, all thanks to the work of leading Polish designers.

Nobody should be surprised that the designers design the costumes for the opera. Such experiences have had, among other things: Giorgio Armani, Muccia Prada, Christian Lacroix, Viktor & Rolf and Yves Saint Laurent. They designed the amazing creations, which were watched by millions of fans of fashion and opera. In the Polish fashion such phenomena are a little strange, but very groundbreaking, especially in the interpretation of the word "fashion". Unfortunately, still a lot of Poles believe that fashion is only flashes, stars on the red carpet, money and free events. They treat it like a vanity effect. Nothing could be more wrong than this. Fashion is not just clothes and posing on the walls of sponsorship. We must finally understand that fashion is primarily a kind of art and should invoke in us emotions, both positive and negative. It is also part of the culture, the one closest to the body, the closest to us. I think that the exhibition in the Gallery of the Opera was well presented and took us into a completely different world. This was a great fashion on the big stage and when you saw it you will not be disappointed.



The 2015 Grammy Awards is over. For 57 years those music Oscars have been awarded to big personalities. This year, 22-year-old youngster Sam Smith got the most of statuettes, as much as 4 per great hit "Stay with me"! Who knows, maybe catch up with the Hungarian conductor George Solti, who recieved 31 statues? No one can deny that a night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles was really exciting.
On the red carpet, we could see a really great outfits. But there were also those which it should not be seen the light of day. The annual event stylings for a Grammy in some sense can be compared with a sinusoid, which once reaches the threshold of decency and delight, and sometimes leads us into confusion.

We could see a lot of stars e.g. Madonna, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams, Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian. I like the most Katy Perry's styling which comes from Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad. I have not yet seen such a perfect creation on her until now.
Lady Gaga impressed me the most, but I am confused with her dress. I love Stefani and she is a great inspiration for me, but this time I am disgusted. A dress is design by her stylist Brandon Maxwell and was too small for her. A large cut at the front with a low-cut neckline at the front reduce silhouette. This creation is very difficult to wear and definitely will be better for filigree woman.



Never say never! It is a banal statement but true! Certainly in my case! My closet has long been full of clothes in juicy colors and when I am see a black and gray I always say:”OMG, I will never wear it!”. I have always been convinced that black overwhelms me and I do not look at it- favorably. I have not mentioned about gray color, though. Until now! I noticed that this winter I choose often a black jackets or coats and I think that I liked it. The devil is in the details. I realize that clothes do not have to be boring, provided that they have sophisticated accessories!

I found my black oversize coat in the cintage shop. I wear it every day with torn jeans, sweater or suit. I do not think that it will work in many different stylings, though. Today I have a glam rock style set, which consists of only 4 colors. Of course, I could not have completely black, so I had to choose creamy golf. Sleek and classic is the besis for all, adding excellent contrast.
Well, I put on the classic styling. However, I would not be myself if I did not choose sunglasses which in this set come to the foreground.



Last year in the Polish fashion was extremely impressive. On the catwalk we could see a fresh new forms, as well as playing with materials and different colors. Especially the last aspect was the most visible, as it is well known that Polish designers don't like bold, extravagant combinations with colors. Probably the first time during many years, most of the shows presented in the past year positively surprised me. I hope that this year will bring us even more good shows, while making it clear that the Polish fashion market is becoming stronger.

Today's post will be dedicated to the designer, who has recently received the "Designer of the Year 2014" awarded by the magazine "Twój Styl". Who is he? A very capable man, who after a few years on the market, begins to change the Polish fashion. He is trying to understand the needs of a new generation that is open and will not be subject to rigidly defined conventions. Of course, I think about Mariusz Przybylski, the designer. By showing his latest collection "Wild at Heart" has has become a hot topic in Polish media. I am sure that after reading my review and after seeing the pictures, you will admit that Mariusz Przybylski is GREAT designer.



"Cuz nothing suits the undisputed oft-saluted suitor of repute like a suit!” is the lyrics by crazy actor Bartneya Stinson, who seduced women in the famous TV series "How I Met Your Mother". This time Bartney was right! Because women like the guys in suits and definitely feel more respect to them than to a "loose guy” in track-suit. Dear ladies, what's up?

It is so sad is that Polish men still treat the suits too seriously. They choose it for a wedding, or to work in the corporation. They are afraid of mixing jackets with causal trousers, and if they do, they usually make the mistake of choosing shoes or pants. Of course, there are exceptions, but I secretly hope that there will be more and more guys open to some experiments. Poles should learn from Italian men, because it's very good reference point. Colleagues from southern Europe are doing it perfectly and very naturally. At the work they wear a suit and thanks to change only pants and shoes, they are ready to meet up with friends or going to the club. Is not a brilliant idea? The starting poitn is properly organized wardrobe and skillfully combination of different elements together. For me, every man should have one, very good suit and casual jackets. Buy these instead of twenty pair of pants. It's honest piece of advice, dear Guys!



I think that Prom Party is the most important event for young people entering into adulthood. A ceremonial countdown to exams sticks in our memory for a long time. Therefore, during this special evening we take care of immaculate appearance and excellent styling. Especially, that you will be looking at the Prom Party's pics for many years! Before choosing styling for Prom Party read my following crucial hints for your own sake! Are you redy? So let's go, my dears!



Gdansk Shipyard - one of the largest in Poland, a very sentimental place for Poles, which made an impact on the history of our country. When I was in this beautiful city to walk around the town and make photos, the shipyard turned out to be an unbeatable place to photograph my styling! I wanted thelandscape which was the most associated with Gdańsk.

My today's styling is moderately toned (you must admit that I'm capable of anything :D). I chose a classic, a little rock "look" of the influence of Italian elegance. A great blue pants like removed from waterfall I presented with strong leather shoes and shirt in black - white stripes, which on first sight like a sailor uniform or prisoner (the choice I leave to you!).Whole a heavy styling mixed with double-breasted jacket with salmon colors which quite accurately fit to the sea climate. Another Italian accent is a red hat and geometric sunglasses from German company - Cazal. This is a very classic model which looks awesome in my different stylings. On the sea breeze I found a way in the form of dark blue scarves from Tenerife!

Sea, sun, strong winds, and tranquility! What do you want more? I leave you with positive energy and beautiful landscape. So... I'm outta here!... to dream :) 

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