Meeting in Deja vu...

Recently I was invited to a meeting with German designer Brigitte Gertz-Ziegler ... probably you don’t know who is she :) Well, Brigitte is a founder of the brand Deja vu, which sells watches. After many years,when brand launch a new, unique, original watches, Deja vu has become increasingly recognized in Europe and this year opened its first store in Warsaw. What is unique about the idea of this brand? First of all, everyone can individually create a watch which will match the dress and style. It really is the perfect solution for people who care about every detail in their styling ^^

Meeting with the designer in the office lounge of Deja vu passed very pleasantly. Well, but this famous German ability to be frank, friendly and to make the most out of lifeenjoy life. That is why I like about being in Berlin :) The meeting was also attended by the stylists from different magazines, including Anna Męczyńska, Marcin Świderek, Zuzanna Lewandowska, photographers, and other bloggers. At the meeting, each of us could talk about the idea of the brand with Brigitte, who also has the ability to recognize signs of the zodiac of other people. It's very funny :D In addition, anyone can create her/his own watch, which design expresses our style and personality! That is what I like about those watches that we can play the role of designers in the palm of your pearls.
And besides, there was also a very tasty treat! So good that after the meeting I didn’t fit to door of subway ^^ A few days later I made a dessert with rocket salad and meat with almonds <3


Paprocki&Brzozowski fashion show AW 2012/13

The fashon show of the latest collection of Paprocki&Brzozowski brand for autumn-winter 2012 is behind us. This event attracted a lot of guests, actors, presenters and other celebrities :) It was the next show in Soho Factory in Warsaw, which I could not miss, especially that I follow closely a brand created by the guys and I appreciate that collections are getting better and better. And you can see that the designers are also open to new forms and materials! Besides, do you know that for two years I was a student of Mariusz Brzozowski, who taught me the design and styling :D
Well, coming back to the show .... the vast number of the guests made everybody very excited and all of the people were eagerly waiting for the start of the show. There was also a surprising scenography, since the catwalk had the U-shape and not I-shape as usually :) Above the catwalk there was a neon sign saying "Hotel", which also made us thinking ...
This time the inspiration for the designers to create a collection was Andy Warhol and his film "Chelsea Girls," which talked about the beautiful women living in the Chelsea Hotel. Models on the catwalk were reallybeautiful, all looked like the two peas in a pod. Many sites on the Internet criticized these models, because their hair and makeup allegedly diverted attention from the clothes that they were wearing. The same hairstyle models doesn’t disturb me and I could be delighted with the collection and music, which also was the advantage of the events that evening.


Fairy tale about Bizuu

Recently I was invited to the presention of the latest collection of Bizuu in the boutique of that brand. Of course, I accepted the invitation, since I've heard about this brand earlier. More recently, in the spring edition of Fashion Week Poland (where the account you can read HERE) I had a chance to see their show, which was hailed with huge applause, and received a lot of positive comments in the press. Well, I'm not surprised because the clothes from Bizuu are from an excellent material, ultrafeminine and that subtle forms of nonchalance, which can be seen in dresses, jackets and skirts.
As for the interior of the boutique, I must admit that it is a paradise in terms of architecture and composition. Raw heated interior accessories in pastel colors give an incredibly delicate and feminine just like collections of brand :)  I could live in a place most gladly like sipping champagne, eating strawberry and write new post on my blog ^^

Clothes of collections, which you can see  in a boutique on the Koszykowa Street in Warsaw are really a dream of every woman. Lace, tulle, cotton, colors, turquoise, mint, pastels ... Isn't it sensual and romantic? In addition, you can see here the clothes of the autumn-winter collection. These, however, are made ​​from a more sophisticated materials. Collection mixes classical elements such as lace and Chanel-like wools with nylon and faux fur.
In the boutique you can also get a great add-ons: a nice, colorful bags or interesting in the form of footwear. In addition, brand cooperate with other companies. These include, among others, Triwa brand whose watches, which I adore <3
I must also mention about my outfit . I don’t know if it's a coincidence or is this my extraordinary intuition, but I fit in very well to the color of the the prevailing climate in the boutique. In addition, a bicycle ... it looks as if it belongs to me! ^^ Well, pink bicycle for man is a crummy choice, which does not change the fact that the decor of Bizuu is fabulous :D


ROBERT KUPISZ fashion show AW 2012/13

Robert Kupisz is a person belonging to a small group of Polish designers, who I appreciate and admire most. This is a man of many talents, a professional in the dance, hairdressing and his next life stage is designing. And it was a very good choice because each collection of Robert Kupisz bowls visitors over and applause after the show are endless! Robert is an amazing man and I admire his collections and appreciate him for his consistency, which can be seen once again in the collection.
The last show of the designer was held in Soho Factory in Warsaw, a place which is more and more popular with the Polish designers. Sometimes I think about buying a flat in Warsaw's Praga district because of the number of events held in this place :D

Robert's latest collection is called "WANTED" and definitely will be long remembered. The main inspiration for the creation of the collection was "Once Upon a Time in the West"  by Sergio Leone. Main character, Claudia Cardinale is a sexy woman, seductive, extremely brave and aware of her femininity. Collection of Robert Kupisz is directed for such women, collection... which also includes a male figure, unisex versions shown in the female models. Woman according to the latest collection of the designer is a woman attractive, bold, energetic set, a woman seated on a modern Wild West.


Good campaign Dior Addict

I want to take a closer look at the unique advertising campaign of Dior Perfume Dior Addict. I can rarely watch a well-tuned campaigns that show something innovative, something we can remember and something that inspires us. Of course it's an individual issue due to different perceptions of beauty, aesthetics and communication by the public or people.
The advertising campaign of the new Dior fragrance refers to the film "And God Created Woman" by Roger Vadim and it is a tribute to Brigitte Bardot and style of the 50's which she created. It is worth noting that many famous, talented people worked with the campaign. Modern Brigitte Bardot in the campaign was Daphne Groeneveld, 17 year old Dutch model, who you can see on the covers of some major fashion magazines. It is the embodiment of a young woman of Dior Addict, she has face is gushing youth, energy and raw sensuality. Daphne poses in front of the lens master, Tim Walker, who remains faithful to the House of Dior. This genius is a British photographer whose pictures you can see the timeless poetry and perfectly shows the beauty of a young and fresh women Dior Addict. We should remember about director of TV commercial who is Jonas Akerlund himself. He worked already with Lady Gaga or Madonna.

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