Since a long time I am intrigued by the definitions of 'masculinity' - in those days and times, that term still evoke extreme emotions and cause heated discussions, not only in the fashion industry, but also in general - in everyday life.
Looking stereotypically, men should have unbridled courage, honor and assertiveness. They should be interested in football, fast cars, don’t speak openly about their emotions, and be mentors of their women. And interesting about fashion and design? A real male should be more interested.



I like to break conventions - fashion always has been and will be a great entertainment for me. My today's stying I chose during the second day of Fashion Week Poland – it caused many extreme emotions among the media. Some people did not like it, while others fully appreciated the apparent inspirations. I had a blast, I think that this set was sensational because it has shown my personality, distance, self-confidence and insanity! Personally, I believe that events such as Fashion Week are an amazing opportunity to break your "fear" and do something that you will remember for a long time.
Let's start with turban - in this case, I got inspired by Jean Paul Gautier fashion show where models presented conical turbans on their heads. Since I saw the pictures in the French magazine I knew that I will deal with this issue in the future.
Another point was violet kimono from Thailand, which fits with the broad, gray trousers. Additionally - white shoes on a low wedge from Portuguese Zign company which, despite hard leather, are very comfortable. In this outfit you can easily see the inspirations of Asia. This time I put on the oversize chatacter, which rarely put on a daily basis.
This set is very extravagant so I chose minimalism in accessories. Leather. orange bag and sunglasses from Brylove (which remind me of the shape of Lanvin’s ones), were the only accessories.
Remember! You need to distanced to everything.
And I think that my turban will be used again ... in an advertisement of raspberry ice cream! ^^



Outfits with sweatpants are definitely a rare thing in my case, but I would not be myself if I did not try something new! This time, the color and form of pants won! I mean - pants from Jeremy Scott for Adidas, which are not only comfortable, but also catch the attention.
Today I am going to present to you an outfit, which I wore on the first day of Fashion Week Poland. I have mixed the mentioned trousers, which listed the base of the whole styling, with a classic (in form) pink shirt, so I got less sporty character. And as all know - I love to mix and match different styles and not succumb to the schemes - a color of the shirt perfectly consistent with a prominent pink stripe on the side of the pants.
This time I put on minimalism with accessories. I decided to use the turquoise toque - love this Smurfs’ color, and yellow sunglasses from Brylove, which have created a perfect contrast with hat. Additionally - awesome shoes, colorful and with wings .... Jeremy Scott ‘speaks’ in the same fashion language as I do.
If we have sweatpants and shoes with wings - it's time for the big fashion Olympic show! : D

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