SHOT MAGAZINE & interview with ME

Sweethearts!!! Today I would like to show off with you with my small success. In the latest issue of the "SHOT MAGAZINE" appeared an interview with me. If you want to know who is my idol, where I do shopping and what inspires me, I invite you to take a look HERE! Secondly .... session, which I stylized also hited the side of this magazine - it's really a great honor for me. I would like to add, that the "SHOT MAGAZINE" is the result of a good job and we won’t see there advertisements on 70% of pages. “SHOT” contains interesting interviews with people associated with art and fashion. It is very inspiring because of the variety photo shoots - it is really in the form of an album. Therefore, I invite you to see a new “SHOT MAGAZINE”, which printed version can be bought in the best polish showrooms. 
Take care <3<3


Goodbye Summer Love

Another successful photo session is already behind me! I had a pleasure to work with a great team, which I already miss and I sincerely hope for the next proposal to undertake a joint project. Results of our work have been titled "Goodbye Summer Love". It is some kind of a story about a holiday affair, which combined two people. She is a typical romantic, who is willing to love exultation and share a huge amount of emotions; he is well-to-do, serious man, but also a heart-breaker. Despite differences in their characters, woman and man have one in common - violent, unexpected feeling for which there are no prospects, mainly because of the real life of lovers waiting for the end of holidays. And it has been shown in the pictures for which Warsaw Royal Baths became a scenery. As you probably guessed, I played the role of a stylist.

Talking about styling, I wanted to connect there mainly romance and classic elegance, reflecting the characters of the actors of this photo shot. For a female model (which stylized Wildfox7) were selected mainly feminine dresses in pastel colors, with elements of lace or frills, which donated her emotional disposition. But for her partner – I chose an elegant and simple suits. However, not to stay in any rigid framework, I decided to add also few extravagant items, namely - jewelry and accessories. Unique necklaces, which drew the outfits perfectly with a stern expression on his face - face of man, who likes to dominate and be in the center of attention.
Now I would like to invite you to see the pictures!


Innovative technique of design

I love conferences related to the fashion market and its aspects. Last one, on which I was invited to concerned the neo-fashion, and more specified - how does the fashion market grow in terms of productions. The conference took place in one of the fashion design school and concerned several issues related to the design of clothing in the 3D technique. In the beginning we were talking about the software related to the design of clothing and textiles. The lecture was prepared by Marzenna Lesiakowska and Irena Dwornicka from Lectra company. Now I realize how such programs facilitate the work of designers and tailors companies, which are using them at work. But firstly you need to learn how to use them; it is quite complicated and you have to have strong nerves! : D Modern software are able to illustrate how the material is going to laid on the body. Programs have more options of 3D effect, so the project is easier to realize.
Then we were talking about clothing thermoregulatory with Marcin Tadeuszak, the director of Contifibre. Currently, several large fashion houses prefer these fabrics (for ex. Burberry) mainly because of the comfort of its customers. Dresses which heat the body during the winter or cool during the summer. It goes similarly with coats or other coverings faces. I had a chance to try out this fabric and the effect was indeed cooling in the temperature of 25 degrees. This is the perfect alternative for people, who live actively and are exposed for instant changeability of the weather (especially in Polish buses in summer time)^^



After the last post on my blog about the Queen Anna Dello Russo, I feel obliged to write more! I cannot leave it without information about Queen’s partnership with the most famous chain-store - H&M. The collection premiered on 4th of October and is still very popular! Anna Dello Russo was surprised by the news that H&M wants to start the cooperation with her. However, she as an owner of such extravagant accessories took the challenge and created a collection of jewelry, shoes and other totally amazing additions, full of baroque splendor! Anna always says how jewelry was important in the whole stylizations. Just set up a modest little black dress and match it with a lot of knickknacks that will change the character of the entire outfit for a more phenomenal! It's just a fact!

Collection of jewelry designed by Anna for H&M produces extreme opinions. Some people express their judgments in a very enthusiastic way, mainly about the reference to the Baroque (which AdR loves). Opponents see the whole collection as a trashy, shoddy and in a really bad taste. However, that was exactly the intention of the creator! I personally really like the splendor of H&M’s and Anna’s collaboration; heavy necklaces, gold sunglasses with metal strings are something necessary to catch the attention. Wearing accessories like these, with addition of causal look you can feel like at any Fashion Week! ^^


I don't want to be cool, I want to be fashion!

When I look at her pictures and creations my heart always beats faster! Each of her stylization is a huge dose of inspirations for me. I am terribly in love with her and often make jokes that she's like my fashion godmother :D About who am I talking about? About stylist Anna Dello Russo of course! I absolutely agree with a photographer Helmut Newton who said that THIS WOMAN was the greatest fashion fanatic.

Anna Dello Russo is a kind of rebel, who opposes rigidly defined rules on dress code. Anna is a walking mannequin, which pays a tribute to the most famous fashion designers in the world by wearing their the most extravagant clothes. 20 years after finishing studies on the Italian literature and art, she has been working for the world's fashion Bible – Vogue. Firstly for Vogue Italia, then - L'Uomo Vogue, and currently she is holding the position of editor-in-chief of Vogue Japan (Japanese edition of Vogue is my most favorite, mainly because of being extremely inspiring!). The most interesting thing about this is that Anna Dello Russo did not have to move to Tokyo - all issues related to the storage she oversees in her apartment in Milan. Work in Vogue made Anna able to meet a lot of important people from the world of fashion, and she herself became a hot name that attracts a lot of attention. In fact, D&G owns Anna a lot – their logo became synonymous with luxury, what started with her and two designers friendship. 

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