"Cuz nothing suits the undisputed oft-saluted suitor of repute like a suit!” is the lyrics by crazy actor Bartneya Stinson, who seduced women in the famous TV series "How I Met Your Mother". This time Bartney was right! Because women like the guys in suits and definitely feel more respect to them than to a "loose guy” in track-suit. Dear ladies, what's up?

It is so sad is that Polish men still treat the suits too seriously. They choose it for a wedding, or to work in the corporation. They are afraid of mixing jackets with causal trousers, and if they do, they usually make the mistake of choosing shoes or pants. Of course, there are exceptions, but I secretly hope that there will be more and more guys open to some experiments. Poles should learn from Italian men, because it's very good reference point. Colleagues from southern Europe are doing it perfectly and very naturally. At the work they wear a suit and thanks to change only pants and shoes, they are ready to meet up with friends or going to the club. Is not a brilliant idea? The starting poitn is properly organized wardrobe and skillfully combination of different elements together. For me, every man should have one, very good suit and casual jackets. Buy these instead of twenty pair of pants. It's honest piece of advice, dear Guys!



I think that Prom Party is the most important event for young people entering into adulthood. A ceremonial countdown to exams sticks in our memory for a long time. Therefore, during this special evening we take care of immaculate appearance and excellent styling. Especially, that you will be looking at the Prom Party's pics for many years! Before choosing styling for Prom Party read my following crucial hints for your own sake! Are you redy? So let's go, my dears!



Gdansk Shipyard - one of the largest in Poland, a very sentimental place for Poles, which made an impact on the history of our country. When I was in this beautiful city to walk around the town and make photos, the shipyard turned out to be an unbeatable place to photograph my styling! I wanted thelandscape which was the most associated with Gdańsk.

My today's styling is moderately toned (you must admit that I'm capable of anything :D). I chose a classic, a little rock "look" of the influence of Italian elegance. A great blue pants like removed from waterfall I presented with strong leather shoes and shirt in black - white stripes, which on first sight like a sailor uniform or prisoner (the choice I leave to you!).Whole a heavy styling mixed with double-breasted jacket with salmon colors which quite accurately fit to the sea climate. Another Italian accent is a red hat and geometric sunglasses from German company - Cazal. This is a very classic model which looks awesome in my different stylings. On the sea breeze I found a way in the form of dark blue scarves from Tenerife!

Sea, sun, strong winds, and tranquility! What do you want more? I leave you with positive energy and beautiful landscape. So... I'm outta here!... to dream :) 

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