Fashion Week Poland 2012// 1 DAY

The first day of the mission "Fashion Week Poland" was very stressful. Firstly, I overslept. Secondly, I was late to my train to Lodz and I wasn't present at the styling workshops of Elle magazine. Finally I cut my finger when I’m sewing my epaulets on the train. I think that negative moments in the morning turned into fun at the afternoon :)
I took a quick shower in hotel, I dressed my red suit and I went by taxi to the kingdom of Polish fashion. From first minute, I knew I could not miss this place. Those people and their outfits, mix colors, different styles and inspirations! Yeah, Adam! Welcome at home
At the beginning I attended on the lecture about running blog which was delivered by Bartek Zurowski. This lecture was interesting because glogers can conversation about advertising and the benefits of running a blog.
After the lecture I was able to see fashion blogers which I knew only through Internet. It's amazing! Ours conversations about trends very much inspired me and .... for dessert- He-Yvan Rodic of FaceHunter <3 This handsome man took a photo of me that appeared on his personal website! It was an incredible climax of happiness!
I managed to also visit the showroom stand, which presented clothing, accessories and other treasures. That day ended with the girls... I’m talking about sexbomb Tamara, Karolina who were like the wax and subtle Anna, of course :D We went to the opening show of Fashion Week Poland at the Andels hotel then we were going out to the club on the party.

You must be interested in my Fashion Week's outfit. I put on a sharp color and prints or explosive mixture what Adam likes the most! ^^


Warsaw Fashion Weekend 2012

There was recently in Warsaw a two-day event -Warsaw Fashion Weekend in Soho Factory. It was a cocktail-style event, which brought together young and experienced designers, stylists and people in the industry. There were a lot of attractions and contests waiting for guests. Between the shows everyone could do shopping using showrooms, which offered different brands. I could see many inspiring and interesting clothing, accessories side and trust me I could not pass them by indiffrenetly.


Coffee in the sun!

When I have a day off, I don't have to go to university or to work, I love to start my day with morning coffee or hot chocolate. I like it smell and delicious taste! However, to be entirely happy I need sunshine and fashion magazines :) Then I sit in the corner cafe and I’m pleased with a view and enjoy sun's rays that surround me. I dip my thoughts into the trends in magazines, and my head starts to accumulate millions of inspirations.   

My today's stylization is quite dark as far as my capabilities are concerned :) That's right ... so here I am! When I feel positive energy I choose a navy blue tuxedo and cut the back of the tshirt! Haha. But each time I say that If I choose the tuxedo I never let that whole stylization looked stiff and too serious :) Silver shoes, rock t-shirt with a "pleasant-faces" on the back, straw hat and jewellery! Silver bracelet and necklace don’t allow tuxedo and it keeps committing the classics and that's it's all about! ^^

Thank you -”Ministerstwo Kawy” for allowing the session and for the delicious coffee. In this cafe you can spend a good time in nice surroundings. Also I must  thank the photographer Edwin Jabłoński, skilful artist, whose work is a pleasure-recommended!
Ok, boys and girls, time for pics!:)


Wrocław or WrocLOVE!!!

As you well know I was spending Easter in Wroclaw. It would be much more enjoyable stay, if I didn’t eat so many cakes! You know that Pole can do everything ... especially eating :D The first days after the Easter I spent on the shopping :) I also met with blogers Anna and Mateusz who love fashion and that is why we visited showrooms in Wrocław! I recommend you Fuku and DecoBazaar. In Fuku you can find some vintage clothes as well as collections of young designers. The prices are affordable so you can look original at low costs - this is the most important in fashion!!! Decobazzar offers you clothes, accessories and books. You can buy albums about street fashion "Facehunter" or "The Sartorialist" in this showroom or store- just drop by Wrocław or visit the store, which offers a lot of awesome projects. We also visited an intimate showroom Ubieralnia which I recommend for resolute women who are bold in their stylizations.(pillboxes are sweet ^ ^)


Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter, my Dear! I wish you all the best, have fun meeting your relatives and family. But, remember.... don’t eat too much, because it is getting warmer and we have to take care of our shapes.

I kiss you and greetings from Wrocław :*


Be easy-going ...

As you well know I don’t have any particular style to which I remain faithful. Usually I wear a classic form of saturated colors. Many people tell me that I am a lunatic and volcano-style. I think that this is huge compliment and I must say that they’re right... I don’t always feel like wearing colorful blazer or leather jacket. Every day, I can fell completely different emotions, which determine my everyday'schoice when I’m standing in front of the wardrobe. It's enough of my fashion philosophy .... Now let's move on to the outfit! :)
This time I chose sports outfit but the charm is in the details. I think that the whole thing looks very artistic if we take into account the print on the pants, designed by Saskia Pomeroy and distinctive imprint on pop-art style of Andy Warhol. Of course, there is always my bold neon hats with gold sneaker.
T-shirt .... This is the effect of my fascination with Coco Chanel whoI admire! "Fashion passes, style remains" – this is her most importanat statement that stuck in my memory for many many years. Classic double-breasted jacket with sweatpants can live in accord with me.
Well ... now let's get to specifics photo :)



Adventure in New York

Nadal nie mogę w to uwierzyć! Jestem całkowicie sparaliżowany tą wiadomością, którą dostałem dzisiaj rano! To chyba najcudowniejszy dzień w moim życiu! Dosłownie! Dostałem rano e-mail od pani Glendy Bailey. Na pewno nic Wam to nazwisko nie mówi… Otóż ta pani jest redaktor naczelną w magazynie Harper’s Bazzar w Nowym Jorku. Około 2 miesiące temu wysłałem swoje stylizacje do redakcji, ponieważ wówczas  organizowano konkurs na najlepiej ubranego Glogera w Europie. Wraz z innymi Glogerami uzyskaliśmy największą ilość punktów od osób zasiadających w komisji konkursowej. Zostaliśmy zaproszeni na warsztaty stylizacji w Nowym Jorku, które będą trwać od lipca. Dodatkowo od maja  będziemy komentować stylizacje różych osób w nowej rubryce w Harper’s Bazzar (poświęconej modzie ulicznej) pod okiem Alexy Chung. Czy to nie jest wspaniałe? Nigdy nie spodziewałbym się, że mój styl zostanie dostrzeżony przez tak ważne osoby w branży modowej. Teraz tylko trzymajcie kciuki, żebym dostał wizę! :)))

A na koniec treść tej cudownej wiadomości...

* * * * * * * * * *

I still can’t believe it! I’m completely shocked by the news which I read this morning! It's probably the most wonderful day of my life! Literally! This morning, I got an email from Ms. Glenda Bailey. Surely you don’t know that name ... Well, this lady is Editor-in-Chief of Harper's Bazzar in New York. About two months ago, I sent my application with outfits for contest which was supposed to choose the best-dressed Gloger in Europe. Me and four other blogers recieved the most points from the jury. We are now invited to the workshop in New York about styling that will take place in July. Additionally, from the beginning of May, I will be commenting the stylization of the people in the streets in new column in Harper's Bazzar together with Alexa Chung. Isn’t it wonderful? I didn’t expect that my style would be noticed by such important people in the fashion industry. Now just keep your fingers crossed for me getting the visa! 
Have a look yourself what the email I got .... :)))

"(...) We are pleased to invite you to the styling workshops on 15 July 2012 in the premises of Parsons School in New York. Editors will make every effort to ensure that our contest participants feel the fashion and passion of New York. Lectures about the styling will be led by Alexa Chung, Marc Jacobs, Anja Rubik and others. According to the rules of the contest, five chosen bloggers, including you will be editing a new column about street fashion in Harper's Bazaar magazine. Our agents will concact you soon to discuss the details of cooperation. Once again, congratulations. Let fashion be with you."

April Fools' Day!!! ^^

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