MEXICO and cigarette

Palm trees, palaces, wide-brimmed hats! So, this is in particular what reminds me of Mexico! Today's styling is so much Mexican! I chose definitely shades of pink in which I feel well and I feel masculine in spite of the stereotypes  ^^
I chose also pastel linen suit, which has been a small experiment with sewing. I exchanged the buttons for more juicy and perfectly contrasting with the material :) Sometimes replacing buttons adds the attractiveness of a thing and we do not have to worry about it that we'll see someone in the same jacket on the street! Here's the point! Pink shirt and a fly in fuchsia color bring me in a candy mood, especially in autumn :)
I chose the classic boots, some in the English style, a bit of vintage to a higher platform! I liked them very much and now I'm hunting for espadrilles from Prada! Once again I chose a watch from Deja vu, which match the design to the shoe, making the whole styling about nature and gravity, although seriousness does not stick to me :D Suede clutch is my another love, which perfectly fits the suit in terms of color. However, I like the most the upper part of accessories ... I mean blue sunglasses and a straw hat in the color of raspberries, which always makes me think of a holiday in Mexico!
A cigarette? Let's just say it's part of the styling ... well, look at the smoke :)



Recently I mentioned about the Polish-Italian School ViaModa Industrial, which prepared a great program for students. In addition, the university often organizes very interesting events. The next will be held on Saturday, September 22 at 12 am at the school, on which I invite you cordially. Why? Because I will be there ^^ And seriously... because the character of this meeting will be very inspiring. Surely you have heard about the body scan in order to obtain a 3D image or something like Avatar. Designer, having such a document of overexposed person is able to sew clothes for the potential customer while living from it thousands of miles away. It's amazing how technology is developing rapidly and the benefits that gives to people and in this case -for the development of the fashion industry. On Saturday everyone will have an opportunity to try out the most accurate device for anthropometric measurements. You will also be able to check fashion design program. And for dessert, each of the participants will be able to touch the neo-materials, which change the temperature. Such materials are already used by world's most famous fashion houses such as Burberry.
I think that it is really worth to participate in this meeting, which I will describe anyway on my blog. If you also have a desire to meet a different meaning of fashion, you have to enroll now! Just send an email to rekrutacja@vmi.edu.pl. Number of participants is limited, so hurry and see you in Saturday :* 



I am sure you know that every day I work as a stylist for several companies. Recently I was invited to take part in the "Photographic Fashion" contest alongside rally of Depeche Mode band fans in Poland. Forgive me that I am showing off that but my styling has won 2nd place in the competition and our team, which was working on this photo session won gifts :) The entire session was inspired by the video clip "It's No Good". When it comes to stylization, the main motive was sequins and feathers. Therefore, I used for the stylization the lace dress with the skirt with long feathers. I really wanted to create this set in the style of club but I selected gold jewelry, which is very elegance and classic, and shoes with print of zebra added nonchalance and predation in this stylization. Everytime I’m telling you that the devil is in the details and it is really about accessories, choice of shoes or handbag builds character of stylization :) The main point was to presents amorous and cunning woman, just like in the song of Depeche Mode. Thanks again for the award in the competition :) That many contents, it's time for the pics ^^



Many of you often write to me e-mails and ask about is there any Warsaw school dealing with the design and fashion market which I could recommend for hem. As far as institutions of higher education are concerned, there is very few of them in which can study young artists and ‘fashion people’. Certainly, there are many schools that prepare students with the theory, help to find inspirations, but not in the practice and technique. However, with the development of a thriving Polish fashion market some new schools come into existence - a kind of asylums for young designers who bind her/his future with fashion market or creating fashion.
Personally, I recommend you a new Warsaw Polish-Italian VIAMODA INDUSTRIAL school. First of all, because the main policy of this school towrads its students is PRACTICE! Many people who finish fashion college have no idea
about fashion marketing, which is the basis for success in the fashion industry. I VIAMODA INDUSTRIAL offers students the practical vocational training in the field of designing and creating fashion, fashion management and the creation and implementation of modern technology strategy, communications and business solutions for the fashion industry.



There are days, when you’re getting up a little bit too late and you have just a few minutes to get dressed and run out of home for a whole day. Then, I am choosing the most comfortable invention of fashion – jeans, which always looks good, and there is nearly no risk to commit a fashion faux pas.
Of course later, I jumped back into my loved colors and choose a colorful suit for a dinner with my friends at my favorite Italian restaurant.
Recently, after my housewarming party I put on a set of grunge stylized clothes, with various kinds and colors of jeans.
Let’s take a look at my outfit!
I choose a dark, denim shirt from Levi’s and I mixed it with also jeans pants, which I dyed and tore earlier. Sometimes, with some help of my ‘innovation’s spirit’, I am just bullying my poor clothes to make them more interesting and unusual. But jeans’ stylizations do not have to be boring! The devil is in the details – so it is about choosing the right accessories which will add some flavor to the whole outfit!    



I am celebrating my 22nd birthday today, what is kind of depressing - it means that I am old!
I spent whole day at work in a photo studio with models which I stylized. It is really an important thing to love yours job...even when you have your bday! ^^
I know, that I should not share my birthday wishes about which I think while blowing away flame from candles on my cake, but I really want to make exception this time.
These are my first birthday since I have started Fashionable Innovations... and I would really want to continue my adventure with blogging! Second one... New York! I would love to finally visit this incredible city filed with fashion. Maybe even live there...?

And with this hopes I am sending you, my lovely readers, loads of kisses! It is time to celebrate MY DAY! <3


Anna Piaggi = FASHION ICON

Red lipstick, eclectic styling, the godmother of Anna Dello Russo and friend of Karl Lagerfeld ... I am talking about Anna Piaggi, of course... she is an Italian writer and journalist working for Vogue Italia. Today's post is going to be devoted to her, the woman,who I have always admired for her amazing approach to fashion. Anna Piaggi died a few weeks ago, but despite this she will remain the fashion icon, who can be the example for everyone.

Anna Piaggi was an incredibly talented woman. She was fluent in six languages, and his career began in the 60's of the last century in magazines: "Panorama", "Vanity", "Arianna" and in the 70's his life and work tied with the Italian edition of "Vogue". Anna explained many texts related to fashion and design in various languages​​ and she was responsible for the graphical issues photo shoot for "Vogue".

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