Nobody would convince me that the retro style is boring and monotonous. Rubbish! It all depends on what accessories and colors we use. Our retro styling can be fresh and intriguing. I went whole hog and I combined with each other different colors: gold and purple with brown, turquoise with green and mint, neon shoestring, pens with leather accessories :) But with so many colors stylization has kept the character I wanted. But the most important element of my styling is a jacket, which has about 30 years old and I reconfigured and changed its style. Now, I know that a combination of rotten green with turquoise is a great success! I put cap on his head, which I love more than life. In addition, you have to know that you must have caps during the season autumn and winter. Caps add the class, yet avant-garde so I love it for this! :)  A brown leather gloves and sunglasses really smell round my retro style, which is why they are necessary in this styling. Finishing off the leather, mint clutch, where men can hide most gadgets :) And.... neon sheostrings in shoes is such a relish for dessert. You might want to combine sports with elegant shoestrings  because life is not warnings rules and principles, haha :)


Fashion Designer Awards 2012

I attended for the first time the Fashion Designer Awards, though that event is being organized since 2008. Better late than never :) Despite the delays and very high temperature inside the hall, it was worth waiting! Definitely! I really like the character of the event, which brings together young designers, people with innovative ideas and vision. Fashion Designer Awards is an initiative that helps young people to get a scholarship to study at prestigious universities and fulfill their dreams for the design of clothing. This year's final gala was hosted by Agnieszka Popielewicz, who looks amazing. I think that she is one of the most beautiful women in Poland ^^
On the final gala I saw a lot of designers, stylists, actress and celebrities The jury consists, among others, of Małgorzata Socha, Katarzyna Zielinska, Lidia Popiel, Dorota Williams. The special guest was the Milanese designer Roberto Musso, who presented that evening his latest collection "Room of Desires".
The gala was opened by the fashion show and collecions inspired by Cisowianka Perlage. Young designers: Ewa Pałos, Edyta Pietrzyk, Maciej Trzmiel satisfied guests with their collections. I must admit that almost all the models outfits hit my taste and attracted my eyes. I love lightness, femininity and color!


BOHOBOCO fashion show

As you know, recently I had the opportunity to see a lot of shows, to which I was invited and which I couldn't miss :) Today I bring you a brand Bohoboco and its latest collection for autumn winter 2012/2013. I had never had a chance to see the show of theisbrand, which is formed Michał Gilbert Lach and Kamil Owczarek, so I was even more excited about what I could see on the runway. The show took place on 25 May in Soho Factory in Warsaw. Despite late Friday, there were a lot of guests, including celebrities, actors and celebrities :)

When it comes to the collections, I was definitely surprised and I can safely say that from today I am a big fan of Bohoboco brand. I will be closely watching the next collections of these young designers. However, the disadvantage of the event was a long waiting! Show was delayed for almost 2 hours, some guests even left the hall before the end ... But I was patient! At 22.42 p.m., the first model came, then the next, and I could not tear my eyes! I saw on the catwalk top world modeling such as Wąż, Franek and Jasek. I loved the make-up of models, of course, done by Estée Lauder. In addition, power of accessories, Swarovski jewelry and oryginal BOHOLOFT shoes, which together with a collection of clothes created harmonious duet! 

A collection of excellence! Why? Minimalism, minimalism, minimalism and again, but ....minimalism of modern! elegant! futuristic! I saw the splendor in the collection, which apparently was the idea of designers. I think about new materials now! Modern texture, statement of different fabrics, black, gray, gold, soft forms and sharp geometric cut! So in short this is how I can describe the latest collection Bohoboco. However, the Italian textiles have something in itself! I liked the fur, soft wool and cashmere, uniform colors, industrial teflon-coated fabric or plastic! I love futurism! The collection really impressed me very positive impression and stuck in my memory.The entire collection is addressed to women, who want to emphasis their femininity, express their individuality and his charisma. Bohoboco duo made first-class job of collection :)



This time my styling is not colorful, I am continuing being moderate in termis of accessories and jewelry. Let's say that it is my way of minimalism. I’m a fan of pomegranate with white, but definitely I’m against simple solutions! Hence my choice were: pants with fringes (my idea) and vintage shirt, which I made sleevless. With fringes, trousers are three-dimensional and attract attention. These pants perfectly fit to a country music party, because it’s in a cowboy style. Oversize shirt and forage cap add seriousness to the stylization and glasses too ^^ I chose also the golden shoes in the English climate and vintage leather bag, which captivates me with its scent of the skin and squeaking ... These are my fashion deviations :) Okay ... time for the pictures! 


Fashion Days 2012

Recently, more and more I attend various conferences about fashion and fashion market. This time I went on a two-day event Fashion Days 2012, organized by Warsaw School of Economics.
Excellent attendance of guests, interesting lectures, valuable tips and answers to our questions - that is in short how it looked like.
The first lecture was concerned with the luxury brand management. It was run by Paweł Makowski from the magazine Art & Business, who presented a great knowledge of marketing, the fashion business. He had an excellent contact with the audience. He gave his listeners the opportunity to reflect on the luxury, the perception in the spheres of everyday life. It was the great lecture, which had a character of a casual conversation between participants.


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