My second day at Fashion Week Poland was going to be very cold and actually it really was. Through the window I saw a lot of snow, Siberian aura was existence! I laughed all day that event organizers should change the name of the event into Fashion Week Siberia :D Despite the unfavorable weather, the amount of guests at the shows did not disappoint, but when I saw some people and their oufits I felt like I was in Africa - bare legs or summer dresses. But on the other hand, if you want to look fashionable, you have to suffer! I do sometimes suffer, but you cannot see it in the pictures :D


Fashionable Innovations & TVP1

Dear all! Recently I was invited to the Polish Television to “LOL” program, dedicated to young people, where we talked about fashion. It was a wonderful time, and everyone enjoyed it, despite the unfavorable weather! I love to talk and I would love to talk in infinity, if I was only allowed – it was of course impossible due to the time schedule. Although, if I might tell everything, what I wanted, this program would take five hours ^^ Now, I would love to invite you to watch the video HERE. You can see me from the 4.47 minute.



The first day of the Fashion Week Poland (about which you can read here) I put on a neon anonymity ^ ^ I love these colors and I think that juicy hues fit me perfectly! This time I have chosen neon shirt, which I snatched from hands of a well-dressed man in a second-hand :D Such a successful purchase! I matched this shirt with black pants with a very interesting embroidery and luminous material - they present themselves really well, especially during the night, when pants look like made out of million sequins. In addition I’ve chose orange shoes that do not allow me to disappear in the crowd. I love colorful shoes and I'm glad that more and more can be found on store shelves, which are designed for men! As for the extras that I put on a classic black clutch and a futuristic watch that certainly is my love of jewelry which I own. “Dot the i’s and cross the t’s” of this stylization is the neon hat with black tulle, which reminds me of the colorfull widower, though the name itself sounds contrariwise. I assure you that despite the fact that my face is less visible is through the thick stuff, I've seen quite well and I still own all my teeth ^ ^ Besides, I do not know how about you, but I personally love the combination of neon lime with black!



Friday 26 October 2012.
This is a special day for me, mainly because of the significant series of shows, which take place during Fashion Week Poland. Favorable weather, glaring sun that is splashing through my aviator sunglasses, suggests that the day will be successful! Packing my suitcase – first one, second and still have not enough space. OMG. Rushing to the seamstress, the last patches, the last fittings, and now is time to start the adventure with the FASHION WEEK POLAND! Quick trip to Lodz, and then unpacking first suitcase with a friday's outfit in home, where lives a lovely girl, who used to dance in New York.
I'm ready ... I hardly see anything (about this in another post), and on the street people were getting blind because of my trousers . One woman stops me: "Give me your pants! Where did you buy them?". I feel, that people, passersby, car drivers are looking at me. I think to myself ... OKAY, I'M NOT AVERAGE, HAHA. Now I am running to the show, to receive an accreditation from a woman who said that he could not recognize me in the picture, because I have a veiled face ...

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