As well we know, the supplements are the most important elements in the creation of specific stylization – sometimes, a detail can greatly enrich our outfit. For me, watches play significant role particularly in every my stylization. And it doesn’t matter if I go for party or just to work. Today, they aren’t only the products which show us the time, but it is a jewellery. I'm a huge fan of Deja vu, where the idea is addressed to individual customers. Mainly I mean design and a wide assortment. The company has existed in the market for 10 years and was founded by German designer Brigitte Gertz-Ziegler.

Nowadays, you can wear watches with sets that have been created by me, which is inspired FASHIONABLE INNOVATIONS style. For me it's a huge honour to move my fantasies fashion to watches for women who like to feel special. Watches you can buy HERE.



The mood before the fashion show was magical and fabulous. Like in the some fairytale. Snow...oh wait! Actually snow-flurry outside, which turned out to be dangerous for my shoes and life, in spite of this, every guest was in good mood. Despite the long delay, we all kept a positive attitude. Everyone was curious, what in this time David is going to present...
When, the darkness came into the hall, suddenly from the nowhere appeared a little reminded of drummers soldiers, and then everyone knew that the subject of fashion show is "The Nutcracker". After some time in the middle of the catwalk started dancing ballerina in the gold box. I thought, "intriguing, surprising, excellently!"



How do you think: Is the polish Winter to long? For me, definitely YES! However, the gloomy mood, around us is perfect opportunity to jump into something colourful, something that gives everyone hope that spring will come sooner :) That's what has  happened this time.
Recently , I found in my
wardrobe cute, pink blouse with  spots. Simply,  I fall in love with this “pink candy” Yes,  don’t be afraid to give the names to your favorite  clothes. When I look at my blouse I just want to eat it! My Sweety! :)  It always improves my mood especially on Wednesdays :D And I do not mean only the pink colour, but mostly short, but significant, sentence in the front of it: - "ON WEDNESDAYS WE WEAR PINK".



Robert Kupisz. R as romantic, K as a creator (conscious spelling mistake). These are just some of the many phrases, with which this designer can be characterized. Nonetheless people believe, that there are no ideals in the real world – he is. I personally think, that Robert is a great hope for Polish fashion market - thanks to which, we can overthrow all the conventions and we will become less “conservative in fashion”.
Since I’ve got the "ground" invitation to the fashion show, with a big headline GELEM, I was sure that it will be an unique spectacle. I was right! Robert once again surprised me with his show and, to be honest, I’ve started to think about whether I will ever be able to describe his subsequent collections negatively. It's probably unrealistic. Why? You'll find yourself after seeing photos and reading this post.
The whole show was alluded to the culture of the Gypsies culture. As usual, everything was perfectly organized!

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