Wedding's Styling is a demanding story. Especially when your siblings gets marry. What can you do to not look like another wedding guest in sad suit, and yet not outshine the bridegroom?
Amazingly, the preparation of my styling lasted only a few days. I set for classic and elegant design. I gave up my beloved patterns, and also very saturated colors. In spite of my limitations, I believe that the styling is very much in my extravagant style!

I am not a fan of the obvious solutions when it comes to clothing. A dark suit and white shirt is not satisfactory for me. That's why I chose black wool trousers with an interesting stripe, which joined with cream-colored jacket. Most of the styling like the shirt. Apparently white, classic, but with sequin accents on the front. It fitted to a tuxedo very well, but in this set it adds character and modern elegance.
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