Beautiful, sunny Saturday! Sunrays cause, that I want to jump from happiness, especially, because that day I was invited to a breakfast at the excellent hotel in Warsaw - H15, with the creme de la creme of Polish fashion bloggers. I knew that this meeting will not disappoint me and I was not wrong! My admiration of the hotel is not without a reason – the interior made on me a huge impression and the ‘checkered’ hall reminded me of the collection of outstanding Fashion House -Louis Vuitton.
When I entered the room with the best Polish bloggers, who I associated mainly from the Web, I had the feeling that I participate in a session of "fashion parliament". While drinking coffee and eating delicious appetizers, I was waiting for the occurrence of Łukasz Jakóbiak, who had introduced the guests to the program of up-coming Warsaw Fashion Weekend.



Mariusz Przybylski is not only a nice person, but also a brand that reminds me of a sophisticated classic, saturated nonchalance and a kind of extravagance. Last Mariusz Przybylski’s show, which was titled "Pulsar" wowed the guests. After the show, I conducted several talks with designers and people from the media. There was not even a single person who spoke about the show in a negative way. Of course, everyone likes different styles and clothes, however, it can be concluded that the collection of Mariusz Przybylski was truly excellent. In order not to be groundless, I want to take you on a fashion journey - journey for people, who do not like the trivial solutions.

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