Fashionable businessman

My today's stylization will be this time in business style. In Poland, unfortunately, certain rules regarding about uniforms has not yet been introduced. I am thinking of wearing short shorts to jackets :) In many countries it is becoming more and more common. Polish men are very conservative in terms of clothing, but it is getting better! Men more often wear colorful tie and socks to dark suits ... Keep it up, gentlemen!
My outfit is perfect for the business lunch in fashionable style :P I find it difficult to determine what really is the most important part of stylization, because each element has a different character. I like combining something obvious with not obvious and it probably gives me more and more fun :)

Blazer is my next pearl of second-hand. But I do not like the color gray in 100%, so I decided to revive it with white buttons. I wore cream shorts with white shirt, which I love because the colored cuffs perfectly is in my climate. Instead, I put a tie on a wide neon necklace, because in the end is styling for lunch, so I do not rigidly adhere to the principles of wearing a uniform ^^ The hat, in which I feel like a dwarf and glasses like John Lennon with drawers, make the styling not formal, but still elegant.

I must say about accesories. Leather bag was styled to alligator skin, which is incredibly durable and I hope that it will be with me for few seasons. The bag is a project of Mariusz Przybylski, a Polish designer who really has a vivid imagination  I have chosen classic shoes with tassels, while the modern watch is base element of business outfit so it must be here too! :)
I leave you with pictures!:*


ZUO CORP fashion show AW 2012/13

I had the opportunity to see some time ago at the Politechnika Warszawska the fashion show of Zuo Corp for the autumn-winter 2012/13. I won't remember it with great enthusiasm. Of course, many Web sites, newspapers, television expressed different opinions about the show, so I would like to present my emotions, which accompanied by me that evening.

Show attracted many visitors and the queue was very loooooong, I felt that I was in it for hours, and the outside temperature was almost 100 degrees... but  I counted to 10000000000 and I got finally myself inside :) I must admit that the interior of the hall made a great impression on me and I felt like the hero in a fairy tale. Lighting, music, setting .... Everything seemed to be great! After a long delay, the show began. Models in black veils slowly steped out into the center of the room and each of them became on the shining pedestals. The collection titled "Jungle Gardenia" is a form of pure fun, a little geometry and the use of different materials. I refer to laser-trimmed coat, patterned embossed polyester, wool or leather. Subdued colors, predominant color of claret, coffee, black, and orange in the form of inserts in the material. At the end of the show was presented a ballgown made ​​of compacted snow texture of silk, embroidered with crystals and lace. Dress for most of the guests did not impress me, in the contrast to the fact that it was worth 35 000 PLN. Overall, the collection is no so much coherent but I like the leather clothing, especially flared skirts from the 50s :)

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