Mariusz Przybylski in his last collection have showed that he can – that he can create a classic extravagant, a collection of street-style, full of nonchalance and clothes, that more Poles can afford. Fashion show took place at the New Theatre in Warsaw and the collection was called "Cold Love", but despite its name, aesthetic experience was hot. Undoubtedly, that place perfectly suited to the show, the nature and mystery of the collection. I really like Mariusz Przybylski’s fashion shows because the production of shows are not exaggerated, so the recipient can focus on the collection only. Nevertheless, his fashion shows are always fabulous, sometimes dynamic, sometimes more reflective. It is worth mentioning, that in the collections are getting more and more choices for women. The projects are consistent, thoughtful, and minute by minute arouses the surprise. Colours still remains subdued: designer bases in shades of black, white, gray and color of ink. Collection definitely is aimed to the people who love casual classic elegance, with a touch of defiance sports. The combination of these two styles causes, that all clothes are suitable for wearing, as well as at any time of the day!



Two weeks ago I have been celebrating my birthday. I think, that birthday is one of the most reflective days in a year. At 5th of September, I always sit comofrtably in my armchair and think about my dreams - bigger and smaller ones. My parents have always told me, that our dreams and goals are within a reach. We just need to take appropriate actions to catch them. 
It reminds me of when a year ago I have been dreaming of getting an internship in the departament of fashion in 'Elle' and about walking through the streets of Paris. And as you might know, I have managed to accomplish these goals!

For 4 months I am doing my internship at 'Elle' magazine, and a month ago I had the opportunity to see the French capital by myself. 
These moments had proven to me once again, that dreams might come true... we should try to make them happened. Here comes next year, nex challenges - what will bring the next 12 months of my life?

I know one thing! My 23rd year of life will be crazy and spontaneous, like I am!



I had been thinking about this fashion show for a long time. Even though it’s been already several months ago, I still have many extreme thoughts about the collection and the event. I personally like the designer’s personality and ambitions in following the goals, but I must remain objective, especially while sharing my opinion with you – what I have adored in that show, and what had surprise me negatively. Does the song of outstanding Queen “We are the champions” fully indulged in what we were able to see on the catwalk?

Robert Kupisz fashion show was held in a very unusual location for this type of events - at the sports hall. What's more, I got a nice invitation on which one could read about the dress code - running shoes. I was not surprised with this information, especially that I know, that Robert loves sport shoes. However, not all of the guests wore sports shoes.
As soon as the guests took their seats, everyone looked forward with the excitement for the craft collection, about which it will be loud in the media for its originality. I myself could not wait to see what the designer intended, especially, that I loved previous collections by Robert Kupisz.



Sea, sand and the sun – this is what Sopot is about! I truly love lying on the hot sand, looking at the sky and thinking about my new extravagant stylizations. You can often see me in very colorful, NOT minimalist outfits. As soon as holidays come, I go for comfortable solutions. Patterned pieces of clothing, white color and hats all play the leading role.

This time I had a gray suit on. I really wanted this stylization to be light and fresh just like a carefree holiday. The accessories and clothes that discreetly stick out from the jacket are the only vivid color items here. The suit is mixed with a classic white shirt, on top of which I put another one, this one silk and patterned. It features ropes, compasses and anchors that are all well suited to the climate of the resort! The golden lion protects the two shirts and commands respect just like the golden claw in my ear :D

I’ve been growing fonder and fonder of rings and other finger accessories for some time now. My friends keep laughing at me saying that it is yet another thing associated with Karl Lagerfeld’s style (apart from my obsession with sunglasses). There must be something to it. That said, this stylization features golden rings matching the necklace and the golden frames of the sunglasses. Being consistent in fashion is crucial even when it comes to the smallest details.

The color of the sea clutch bag along with the white and gold jewelry make quite a harmonious duo, too. The navy blue velour moccasin slippers shoes which remind me of a Harry Potter’s story complement the whole outfit. Last but not least, there’s a routinely straw hat and my favorite orange aviator sunglasses.

Dressed like this,  I’d love to escape into the endless expanse of the sea to feel a carefree life, but what would happen to my blog then?

Guys, stay filled with a colorful elation! :*

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